Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Official Episode 81 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

If you never had the chance to listen to the famous Schnauzer Logic podcast before, its Episode 81 is probably the perfect for you to join the crazy group called “listeners”! The radio show was recorded on the 21st of April and now I have the wonderful privilege to tell you a few words about it here.

Guests at the studio were John, Sheri and Parviz and right at the beginning we learned from some of them that it is not OK to answer somebody’s “hi, how are you” with “I’m tired”. That was a cool start of an even cooler show. Among the topics there mentioned were the latest stories around Conan O’Brien and George Lopez, Larry King and his (ex)wives, Tracy Morgan’s comedy style and many, many others. Much time was spent talking about the new iPhone that “leaked” few days ago. It was a strange story with a stupid Apple employee who has left the prototype of the smart phone in a bar. This was the time when everybody in the studio began talking about conspiracies and their influence in our point of view. Parviz was the one who put there the bad story of a baby who was left in the car of its parents for many hours… Stories told by Wikileaks were also an interesting part of this segment. Some of their latest findings are really stunning! Go check them out.

Our lovely host Robin told us also his opinion about the health care system in the USA and about a car accident that was probably caused by him. But the funniest part of the show was when the phone in the studio rang… This was at a time when Robin decided to stop talking, leaving the listeners only to Parviz, John and Sheri. :) There on the phone was John’s French mother who shared her thoughts about maaany things, but mostly about Robin Diane – our wonderful host of the show. I should say this here – it was an amazing pleasure to hear this old lady with her sense of humour and interesting stories to tell!

A small segment was made about the funny videos in YouTube about Hitler which were unfortunately banned from the site. If you are listening to the whole show carefully you may be lucky enough to catch up the last few seconds of it where Parviz was again the host, hehe.

This Episode 81 will be the last for the next couple of weeks so it will be nice of you if you check some of the previous shows that will also show you how a good comedy podcast is made by real professionals.

Until the next time (which will be in about two or three weeks!):

Show Up

Pay Attention

Tell The Truth, and

Don't Be Attached To The Outcome

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Alliechan said...

Unrelated note: Last Night's Happy Town had a Schnauzer clip, about 8 mins in, when a character was being taken care of in a vet hospital. Catch it!