Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Morning Errata...

Sonovista! Some quick updates:

1. First a big welcome to everyone who's now hearing us as a part of the Live365 TransFm stream. If you're interested in delving into the more political and social issues of gender and sexuality, check out the TransFM website, and some of the other amazing programming and broadcasters that Ethan has pulled together. (As I mentioned to Ethan, we're a comedy/talk show, not a gender show, and we're not a particularly political show, at least not gender-specific politics, but he said he thought we were funny, and he has a schnauzer, so we're in!)

2. A bunch of folks are digging the Cheney/Dickie Goodman-type song parody that starts off this weeks show, and have asked if its available as a separate file. It is now! Tongue out Please feel free to download this •mp3• file and pass it along to your friends... we're always looking for new listeners.

3. Notwithstanding any internecine squabbles (jeeze, that's a lot of syllables for a saturday morning), we LOVE Kurtis Matthews and the San Francisco Comedy College. Parviz and I are both proud alum, and we don't want to make daddy mad.

4. There's a new link at the top of the page for donations. I'm uncomfortable in saying any more.

And that's it... have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Episode 4 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast Posted... Longest Episode EVER! (so far...)

Sonovista, my friends!!! As I write, the latest (and longest) episode of Schnauzer Logic, the Podcast, is being uploaded to the server. Another great show, we have a great time putting these together, and hope you have fun listening!

I'm going to keep the show blog short this time, but briefly, we started off with a song parody much like the kind that Dickie Goodman used to do... I grew up in NYC listening to these kind of novelty songs, and so today's opening audio is an homage to both Dickie and Dick.

After that, while we waited for Sean to arrive, Parviz and I talked about the press release (over 30,000 downloads and 550 pick-ups by the media, as of right now), and my 'doctored' photograph... Then Sean showed up as we were heading into break. When we came back we talked with John DeKoven of Laugh-A-Lot Productions who filled us in on how to make big money in comedy (its not on stage!) and then played a round of Win John DeKoven's Money against Parviz... for the record, the answers are 1. Alan Shepard, 2. Huey, Dewey and Louie, 3. Boo Boo Kitty, 4. Duckbilled Platapus or Spiney Anteater, 5. 1949, 6. Muhamed Ali and Joe Fraizer, 7. Bruce Willis, 8. Ben Franklin, 9. Uncle Leo, and 10. Midnight Cowboy.

After the break, Sean talked boinking squirrels, and Parviz talked Powerball Lottery winners and we all talked Donald and Martha and a new kind of Danon Yogurt and our new MySpace account and more stuff that I don't remember.

Finally, in honor of the third-greatest number of hits on the Press Release coming from Norway, all of today's show's music comes from Norwegian musicians (which was hardly a burden since there was so much great music to choose from!) and can be found on

Break 1 - Anqui - Envious

Break 2 - Roy Martin - In A Moment Of Weakness

Break 3 - Redbait - Talking Weather

Break 4 - OJ Trio - She Is Mine

And that's all we got! Let us know if the longer show is a problem or if we should encode at a lower quality... (the audio is mono but high quality so the music sounds great without having the whole program get too large). And if you're currently a MySpace user, add us to your friends list, and we'll do the same!

And until next time:

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome
(Angeles Arrien - The Four Fold Way)


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Greetings and Sonovista!

Greetings and Sonovista to all our regular listeners, our new listeners, and especially everyone finding out about the Schnauzer Logic Podcast from our latest press release. The Schnauzer Logic website is going through a transformation (just like me!), so for the time being, this is the best place to be.

Our new show was recorded on Wednesday, Feb 15th, and you can hear it by clicking on the MP3 link above. You can also subscribe to the Podcast/RSS feed with your regular Podcast/RSS program (such as iTunes) by dragging the Podcast link into your program/player. And finally, you can listen to a lo-fi (AM quality) streaming version of the show (for those on dial-up) by clicking on the Shoutcast link.

Our next show will be recorded this coming Wednesday and with any luck we'll have a chance to play a round of Win John DeKoven's Money with John and Parviz (John thinks this match-up gives him a fighting chance, but i'm not placing any bets!), and we'll finally get around to playing that tune from those guys in Modesto. No... really...

In the meantime, while the main site undergoes some home improvement, here's a couple of old-school bonus links. The first is to a page of promos for the old Schnauzer Logic show on KSCO. These are :30 second spots, and my friends say they're still fun to listen to, in sequence, since you can hear my increasing frustration with KSCO as the show got moved around!Tongue out The second bonus is the aircheck i sent out a few years ago. An aircheck is a bit of audio which radio folks send out when they're looking for new gigs... its 'suppose' to be an average selection, maybe 5-10 minutes clipped from the middle of a 'regular' show, but of course everything gets edited (you only get one chance to make a bad impression!).... My aircheck contains clips from about 40 different shows, and it has background music and runs about 16 minutes, so it fails in just about every way, except for its high entertainment value (an opinion shared by everyone who is -not- a program director, a couple of whom advised me to seek employment opportunties in retail)... so give a listen... everything you hear went out over the air!Wink And last, but not least, the third bonus is a rare treat... me! (robin) as a contestant on Win Ben Stein's Money... I didn't (long story), and i was flustered in the opening segment (it was my first time on TV), but as the show went on, I got more comfortable and chewed up so much scenery, I didn't need to eat for the rest of the week! Laughing

And that's all for now... check back soon and thanks for listening!


Press Release to Drop on Monday

"Schnauzer Logic" Radio Returns as a Podcast

Fast Paced Comedy/Entertainment Talk Show Featuring Outstanding Bands From Around the World

After a 3 year hiatus, the original comedy/talk show hosted by a straight, white, buddhist, vegetarian, lesbian fraternity boy trapped in the body of a recovering transsexual woman patent attorney with a bizarre sense of humor, and a master's degree in city planning, is back on the air as a weekly podcast, with co-hosts Sean Meehan and Parviz Fathali.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2006 -- The first talk-radio program hosted by a straight, white, buddhist, vegetarian, lesbian fraternity boy trapped in the body of a recovering transsexual woman patent attorney with a bizarre sense of humor, and a master's degree in city planning, is back on the air as brand-new weekly podcast.

"Schnauzer Logic", first heard on AM1080 KSCO in Santa Cruz, California, returns as a podcast, downloadable from the Apple iTunes Music Store, or directly from, with host Robin Diane Goldstein, and her friends, musician/comedian Parviz Fathali, and artist/philosopher Sean Meehan. Featuring spirited discussions about the world of entertainment and the week's top news stories, Schnauzer Logic also showcases new music performed by outstanding bands from around the world.

"I've always thought people should be able to hear the nightly conversations I have with my best friend, Gayle (King)", said Robin Diane Goldstein, "and a weekly podcast seems like the best way to do just that. Together with my friends, we look forward to creating programming that will entertain, inform and inspire our listening audience. No... wait... that's Oprah," said Goldstein, "I don't think -we- could do that if we wanted to."

Robin Goldstein Behind The Mic

Going from a 10,000 watt transmitter to a self-produced podcast is just the next step on the road that ultimately leads to sitting alone in her bedroom, talking to herself, a dream she's held since childhood. Subscriptions to the Schnauzer Logic podcast are free, and are guaranteed to appraise for at least twice their purchase price.

"Schnauzer Logic" is produced at the studios of The Schnauzer Logic Radio Co., a Silicon Valley audio production company, which can be reached via email or on the Web at

February 2006 is Podcast Month at PRWeb. This press release distributed by PRWeb, the Online Visibility Company.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Episode 3 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast Posted... Best Episode EVER! (so far...)

Sonovista, my friends! Episode 3 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is online and ready for your ears!

A great show, we laughed ourselves silly... and we hope you will too! All the details to follow, but first some major thanks... Although Schnauzer Logic is produced by folks with broadcast and voice acting experience, sometimes you need a little something 'extra' to make a segment work... When we were at KSCO, we had access to a lot of great voices (announcers and other air personalities), but with a podcast, you're on your own... But the internet changes everything and while searching for voice resources i came across a site for Voice Overs and Production called where some talented folks share ideas, bits, and Their Voices!!! Now for the past few weeks I've had an idea for a Brokeback Schnauzer bit, but wasn't sure how to put it all together... Tuesday night it hit me, so i went into the studio and stayed up util about 1am, and wrote and put together a sweet opening segment... but something wasn't quite right... it was certainly good enough, but missing that "In A World..." voice... so i went over to radiodaddy and posted my take, and a request for some voices... and WOW... two folks came through with killer audio... First, many thanks to Brian Hart of Brian Hart Productions... Brian came through with "the voice", and so its his voice you'll hear in this week's opening audio. But after the show was done, and we came back from dinner, there was a second take from Alan Bainbridge of Vox Junction in the UK, and that was amazing too! So amazing that i felt like i had to produce a trailer using his voice as well, and I'm thinking we'll play it in the coming weeks...

Anyway, as a reader of the Blog, you can hear all three versions, and send us an email (robin[at]schnauzerlogic[dot]com) or post a comment in the blog and let us know which you like best!

1. Brian Hart's Brokeback Schnauzer

2. Alan Bainbridge's Brokeback Schnauzer

3. Robin's Brokeback Schnauzer

and not to put too fine a point on it, but i wrote the copy and was still amazed at how each artist interpreted it for themselves... its not just reading!

OK... on to the show... if you've listened to the first two, you'll find this episode to be the best so far... i give it a solid A (maybe an A- for running a bit long)... and there are two reaons for the improvement... first, the 'newness' has worn off, and we're all getting back into our 'on-air' groove... second, we had the time to sit and do some show prep together before we went into the studio... talking around ideas, and writing down a list of topics and notes means a lot fewer "umm.ummm"s... so if you're doing a podcast, write stuff down!

And because we had notes, we covered a lot of ground... so for those keeping track, this week we discuss the Dick Cheney incident, Parviz's youthful visit to the Mustang Ranch, my apology to Heather Graham (and my promise to watch and report on every one of her movies), the Spotsylvania County, VA massage parlor sting, who would win in a death-cage match between Toto and The Clash, TomKat, AmIdol, MaryMans, TransAmerica (and why everyone keeps asking Robin did she see it and how did she like it!), and much more... Plus, we had another great selection of tunes from where we showcased the following bands:

First Break - Casino66 from Sweden and their song Restarting

Second Break - Lens Lens from Tokyo, Japan and their song Flower of Fence

Third Break - Ray O'Hara from Austin Texas and his song Hole in my Pocket

Fourth Break - Ashley Nelson from Boston Massachusetts and her song Radio

And there you go!

Next week, John DeKoven plays Win John DeKoven's Money, and we'll get to those guys from Modesto (promise!)

But until then...

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Episode 2 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is Online!

Sonovista My Friends! (traditional Schnauzer salutation)

Two Weeks... Two Shows... No Waiting!!! The latest Schnauzer Logic Podcast, Episode 2, is now online, so check your podcast programs or listen online using the MP3 link above...

A good show, and I think we're getting into our groove (far fewer technical difficulties), although I'm still struggling with the whole "multiple mic", phone line, sound effects, music generation, button pushing, slider pulling thing... plus, the new phone interface has less "hum" than the old one, but seems to have more 'echo' and hiss, so we'll be tracking down the remaining technical/audio problems this week (your continued indulgence is requested).

As far as content goes, my lord!, I think we had some... A little heavy on the ADD, jumping from topic to topic, it all seems to make sense in the end. Truth be told, I think what's happening is that I've been spending so much time getting the website together and having the show listed in as many podcast directories as I can find, and finalizing the show clock and all our forms for keeping track of the bits and the songs we play and the credits and... well, you get the idea... that by the time Wednesday rolls around, I'm completely wired, but my show notes are lacking... But that's the thing about doing a weekly (or daily) show... every time out you get a chance to address past mistakes... so I remain hugely enthusiastic! Plus, I sang... like twice... so that's... something...Tongue out

Ok... show notes... I started to talk about the crappy interview at Kelly Law Registry, but fell off the tracks... bottom line is that i'm looking into some temporary/contract work and saw their ad in Craigs List... i was going to apply online, but the ad said to come to their "Open House", which was today (which is another reason I ran out of time to do show prep), so I went over about 12:45pm, and the legal staffing person was at lunch (?!?)... I waited in my car, listening to some bluegrass on my XM radio and went back in at 1:20, only to find a line... sigh... then i got up to the front and said to the recruiter, "its like waiting in line at an ATM" and she said, "I hope not... I'm not going to give you any money", and I said, "Then why the hell am I here?"... hahahahahahaha... we all had a good laugh... she then looked at my resume, and noticed I was contracting at Apple and said, "Apple?... do you think they'll give you some more work?"... and I said, "well... i'm not sure... that's why I'm -here-" and she said, "well, the best thing is if you just apply online"... so I smiled and shook her hand and walked out thinking, "well, that was a waste"...

We then moved on to Las Vegas and the Super Bowl and Celebrity and Fame and Paris Hilton and American Idol and I think the show speaks for itself (which is my way of saying, I have no memory of what we discussed).

The next topic was the whole Letterman/Heather Graham interview, and I don't know how that comes over the podcast, but if you listen carefully you can hear the disgust dripping in Dave's voice... and I think Sean was right... the new character, the "Actress", is a dig at all the know-nothing/say-nothing/do-nothing folks who come on to plug some crap project without bringing anything to the table... I'm sorry I didn't make that connection myself, but that's why I hang out with the big brains, like Sean...

BTW, the television program i was talking about was called "Turn-On" and here's what TV.COM has to say about it:

Airs: Wednesday 8:30 PM on ABC (30 mins)

Status: Ended
Premiered February 5, 1969
Show Category: Comedy, Variety Shows

Turn-On was a fast paced comedy that featured computerized music and stop action photography. The show was immediately canceled when it was discovered to have double entendres and hidden meanings. Here is an example: a beautiful woman is about to be executed by a firing squad; the squad leader approaches the woman and instead of saying the usual "Do you have a last request?" says, "I know this may seem a little awkward miss, but in this case the firing squad has one last request." It is the shortest running TV series ever.

Well, it -was- the shortest running TV show ever Smile!

And according to Wikipedia , it was created by George Schlatter (i told you, Sean and Parviz, you f*ckers!)

And finally, just as the show was ending, Parviz came alive (much like Frampton)... so I think that next week we'll have Parviz start about an hour before the rest of us, and we can meet him at the end!

Speaking of next week, look for John DeKoven of Laugh-A-Lot Productions to join us and talk about becoming a Northern California Comedy God... and maybe we'll even play a round of Win John DeKoven's Money.

OK... on to the credits...

As Always, many thanks to Sean Meehan and Parviz Fathali...

And for this week's music (which ROCKED!!!), mucho gusto to:

First Break
2V2 from Prague, The Czech Republic

Second Break
Freddy Litwiniuk, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Third Break
Derek James, Brooklyn, New York
Free Love

Fourth Break
The Naked Citizens, Pine Bush, New York
Corporate Life

These artists can all be found at GarageBand.Com

and once again, that's all! Thank you again for listening... please drop us a note to let us know you're out there... and tell your friends to subscribe!

And until next time...

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


Friday, February 03, 2006

Episode 1 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is Online!

Yea! Welcome! After a lot of 'messing about', Episode 1 of the brand-spanking-new Schnauzer Logic Podcast is in the can, encoded, uploaded, and ready to explode(d).... ok, the last part is kind of made up, but i couldn't think of any other words that rhyme...

In any event, if you're a new listener, greetings and salutations! Schnauzer Logic is a talk, comedy, music, current events, lifestyle, variety, and interview radio show designed to entertain (and maybe make you think, just a bit, though we promise to stop before there's any permanent damage!) I think you'll enjoy what you'll hear, and if you do, please tell your friends to subscribe.

And if you're an old KSCO or KOMY listener (Airplay, Schnauzer Logic, The Drive Monster, etc.), or used to listen to my various and sundry shoutcast streams, greetings to you too!... The Schnauzer has Landed, and we're all psyched about producing a weekly one-hour podcast featuring a lot of the things you may remember (like Win John DeKoven's Money and Cranky Dog's Weekly Spew), as well as a host of new segments. Plus, each show is going to feature "podsafe" music from performers at and and as many other creative commons licenses sources as we can find. So if you or someone you know wants to be featured on an episode of Schnauzer Logic, just drop me a note.

Housekeeping Part 2: For the time being, the old domain will point here. Eventually we'll merge everything together so folks can find old audio, a link to the SchnauzerCam®, etc, but for now this is the only place to be.

Housekeeping Section C: At the top of this page are three icons: MP3, PODCAST and SHOUTCAST... here's what they do... MP3 will start to download the full, high quality (80kbps mono) mp3 file of the latest Schnauzer Logic Podcast to your computer. PODCAST is a link to the XML feed for the podcast and will do different things depending on the browser and platform you're on. And SHOUTCAST will lead you to a low-bitrate (24kpbs) stream of the latest show, suitable for listening over a dial-up line. If you have questions, just write me. (and thanks to Tim Madden for the badge art, which I modified slightly, but its still his basic design.)

Ok... now on to the show... I think it was a good first effort, considering none of us have been on the air for over 2 years... a little rusty in spots, with more technical glitches than I like, but it did uphold the proud schnauzer tradition of being virtually "content free"! Laughing Fortunately that's never stopped us from doing a show before... a great comedian became a multi-millionare with a little television show about "nothing", so I figure we're still in good company. All told, I'd give the first show a grade of B-, with lots of room for improvement (so stick around). We've got some ideas for the next Outtake Theater, and a few bits we didn't get to... plus, I really want to explore the merger of celebrity and politics (celebritics?)... and who knows what else... you'll have to listen to see if my head finally explodes...

And Finally... The Credits...

First, many thanks to Parviz Fathali for sitting in on such short notice, and to Sean Meehan for coming through by phone, playing injured.

Also, big -up's- to both Jason Nathanson of KFI Los Angeles, and Dave Fowkes of TimeShare Media of San Jose, for helping to voice the liners. A touch of professionalism on amateur night!

And a huge bouquet to the artists whose music we played:

First Break:
Redwood School District from Montclair, New Jersey
"2 Guys, a Girl & A Horn Section "

Second Break
Piper from Gothenburg, Sweden
"It's Not Too Late "

Fourth Break
Ten Years From Now from Yorktown, Virginia
"TV "

Each of these artists can be found at

Also I need to give thanks to the techno/dance artists who provided the music beds leading out of each segment, but I can't find the sheet with all the info... but they all come from, so check out their site (and i'll list them in a future entry).

and that's all, folks!... more to come... please post your comments in this blog, or write to let us know you're listening, what you like, and what you don't... and thanks for listening!

And until next time...

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome