Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Father's Day" Chords & Lyrics (Groucho Mark / Harry Ruby)

a favorite memory from childhood was seeing Groucho sing "Father's Day" on the late-night talk shows...  i used to sing it to my dad each year and decided to see if i could find the chords to play on the ukulele... nothing turned up, so i prepared the transcription below... feel free to suggest corrections... (the original song was written by famed composer/screenwriter Harry Ruby, who wrote the music and screenplays for both Duck Soup and Horse Feathers, as well as writing the music for Animal Crackers)... enjoy...

(F) Today, (C) father, is (F) Father's Day
And (C7) we're giving you a (F) tie (F7)
It's (B♭)not much we know
It is (F) just our way of (F/C) showing you
We (G7) think you’re a (G7sus) regular (C) guy

You (B♭) say that it was nice of us to (F) bother
But it (C) really was a (C7) pleasure to (D7) fuss
For (Gm7) according to our (C) mother
(C7) You're our (F) (A7) (Dm) father
(B♭)And (F) that's (Dm) good (F) enough (C) for (F♯dim)(D7) us
(B♭)Yes, (F) that's (B♭)good (C) enough (C7) for (F) us

you can also watch Groucho sing it on the Dick Cavett Show

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

well, i didn't make the cover of Vanity Fair, but...

they did just publish my brief essay over at the New York Times Transgender Today Opinion Pages...

now i know Caitlyn Jenner is the story everyone is focusing on (and i am certainly happy for her and the fact that she has finally allowed herself to become the person she felt herself to be), but if you really want to read about brave people who embraced their true selves without the social, emotional or financial safety nets that Jenner has at her disposal, look at a few of the 200+ essays linked to, below, and be inspired by folks of every age and background who found the courage to live an authentic life and share their stories (without the benefit of a Annie Leibovitz glam-photoshoot)