Friday, June 18, 2010

Boyana's Dog - Rocky

sonovista, my friends... hope you are all well and enjoying the World Cup (you ess aye you ess aye you ess aye)... i've been taking acupuncture treatments for my med-stuff and (shhhhhh!) things seem to be a tiny bit better! so maybe a new show sometime before 2012.

in the meanwhile i had a lovely email exchange with Boyana today about her pending graduation from university and she forwarded along a photo of her pup, Rocky, who, while not a schnauzer, seems to be a pretty cool guy (as i'm sure you'll agree!)

enjoy the weekend and Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's not you, It's me...

sonovista, my friends! your erstwhile host, here, with an update to the Schnauzer Logic podcast schedule.

as some of you have noticed (many with sadness, a few with glee), the show has been MIA since Episode 81 (recorded on April 21, 2010). despite rumors to the contrary, this has nothing to do with anything that's happened between our little band of merrymakers (either on-air or off). in fact, while we've made a few abortive attempts to stage Episode 82 (alas, to no avail), we did manage to get sheri, rachel, jeff and me (robin) up to Dublin, CA a few weeks ago to help judge one of the semi-final rounds of John DeKoven's Bunjo's Comedy Competition, where a good time was had by all.

the issue is my struggle to do all the pre/post show work necessary to actually have a show. for the rest of the crew the actual time commitment is the 2+ hours we spend in the studio, plus travel and snacks - for me the time commitment works out to bewteen 4x-5x that -even- with Boyana's tremendous assistance. each week i need to set aside between 8 and 10 hours to prep the show, grab the music and audio, confirm the participants, clean the studio, load the files, do the show, break down the show, edit, process, compress, annotate and upload the audio to the server, ping Boyana with links, clean the studio and mics and put everything away. under ideal circumstances i can slot these tasks in between the other things i need to do to make sure life goes on (and on and on), but recently the stars have not aligned quite so harmoniously and the show prep (pre- and post-, never the show itself) has become a source of angst and anxiety and a drain on my resources. as a result i've had to cancel the show a couple of times at the last minute, and realize i've been 'jerking' the crew around (they have lives, too!) which then adds to my angst and anxiety (still 20% jewish by volume)... combine this with a series of wednesday client meetings that can't be moved (including this week and next), and you get the Official Schnauzer Logic 2010 Hiatus.

rest assured that the studio remains intact, dusted and ready to go at a moment's notice...

instead, take comfort in the words of the poets of Persia, Jerusalem, and OK Go who have each noted with wisdom and compassion:

"This too shall pass"
این نیز بگزرد, een niz bogzarad
גם זה יעבור, gam zeh yaavor

more to say when there's more worth saying... until then, many thanks to you all (especially John, Parviz, Sheri, Jason, Jeff, Rachel, all the regulars and especially Boyana) and when all else fails, remember to:

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome