Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coming this Wednesday (what? what?) A New Schnauzer Logic!

sonovista, my friends! i know its been a few weeks since we've been in the studio to record a new show, but 'fingers crossed', we should all be back this week with more Schnauzer'y goodness!

in the meanwhile, a couple of photos to show that i've at least used my truancy for good and not evil...

opening day for the 2010 San Francisco Giants

(btw, you can see all my Giants Photos and a couple of Videos (1) (2) from Opening Day)

see ya all Wednesday and feel free to leave any question, comments or requests on the Schnauzer Hotline @408/335.4755


1 comment:

Boyana said...

Wonderful photos, Robin! Nice job! :)))

And about the new show - wooohoooo! At last! :))))