Thursday, February 25, 2010

Schnauzer Logic Episode 77 is Online!!! Rich Vos Brings The Funny...

sonovista, my friends... quick update as today (Thurs, Feb 25) is a bit out of control...

first and foremost, Schnauzer Logic Episode 77 is Online in all the usual places:

iTunes, Sidebar Pickle Player, Legacy Player, MP3 Stream, etc. (as of 11:51am PST it hasn't show up on the iTunes music store, yet, but if you're a subscriber it will download automatically, and all the other sources are working fine)

we had a great show yesterday with John DeKoven, Jeff Maranhas and Sheri Stevens in the studio, and our special guest, comedian Rich Vos, on our phone for more than 30 minutes... John knows Rich (he booked him at Bunjos earlier this month and they bonded over golf, two jews engaged in outdoor activities - how bizarre!) and asked him to be a guest on our little show... i know Rich though his stand-up, tv appearances and regular spots on the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius/XM radio here in the states, but never met or spoke to him prior to pressing down the button on the phone and saying "Sonovista"... so you can gauge the speed and lethal quality of Rich's humor when you realize that about 30 seconds into our call we were all braying like donkeys into our mics, laughing too hard to take control of the show...

i think we upped our game to make the whole of Episode 77 "Vos-worthy", but you be the judge... for those who are fans of Vos and don't want to dig through our entire show, you can download just the interview as an MP3 file ::here::

we talked about a lot more, too, including an update on Tiger Woods, more news from cyberspace and the twitterverse, best-detention-note-ever, an interesting take on the Toyota 'crisis' here in the US, and much more... its a worthy listen and detailed show notes will be forthcoming from Boyana (and i might toss in a few links too)

in the meanwhile, its Plug-O-Rama® time:

Rich Vos on Facebook
Rich Vos on MySpace
Rich's "I'm Killing Here" Comedy CD
Rich's HomePage
and Rich will be at Magooby's Joke House in Baltimore today (2/25), tomorrow and saturday and at the Moehegan Sun Cabaret, next Saturday, March 6

John DeKoven's Bunjos Comedy Sun Cabaret has their weekly Pro/Am Open Mic tomorrow (friday) and headliner Jeff Applebaum this saturday night (2/27)

Mark Zinkle (who?) is a talented young guy on the move and sits in on Saturday's on KMYC from 1-3pm and has his own podcast, The Mark and Stephen Show that's worth a listen

and the rest of us got nothing (as it should be!)

enjoy the rest of your week... more show notes and links to follow... feel free to call the show line and leave your comments... and until next time:

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SchnauzerLogic Goes ***LIVE*** @4PM PST Today with our Special Guest, Comedian Rich Vos!

Schnauzer Logic - Episode 77 - Goes Live @4pm PST today
With our Special Guest, Comedian Rich Vos!

Here's how you can join in:

1. The phone number for the studio number is:

or you can use the Google Voice Widget on the right and be connected to the studio (or leave a voicemail message when we're not on the air!)

2. You can listen to a live stream of the show audio at

3. You can peek (and listen) inside the studio on USTREAM.
The show page is at

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Official Episode 76 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Here we go again! Episode 76 of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show is online for a few days, so here are the show notes.

Robin made a wonderful post after the show was recorded, putting maaaany links to the things mentioned in the show, so I will make these notes briefer. Guests at the studio the last Wednesday were John, Jeff and Sheri. Jason was again on the phone and Robin was guiding everybody through the interesting topics chosen for this episode. Nice explanations about some of the sounds that are played at the beginning of every show were made. You will now understand whose voices were used and why were they put there.

During the two hours of the show Jason talked about his “Oscars’ experience”, we’ve heard two of his wonderful reports for KNX radio and receive information about the Kevin Smith case with the Southwest Airlines. Robin wrote that they spent too much time talking about “FatGate”, but when you hear the show, you’ll enjoy their comments. Interesting to hear was the conclusion that was made by Robin about Auto Tune, but if you are interested to know more - download the latest episode. ;)

Also mentioned were Lindsey Vonn and her cover for Sports Illustrated, the new applications for smart phones which are changing the way we perceive information, Hunter Thompson and the angry voice message he left many years ago, the new Kindle Sheri got and the health issues that Sean still has. Jeff was again a great guest with his amazing sense of humor, so hopefully he’ll be back in the studio the next time there is a show. Parviz was not part of the 76th episode, but I hope that he can make it tomorrow, for example. :)

I said that it will be briefer, so here it is. Nice and short show notes, he he. Don’t forget that our favorite Schnauzer now has a telephone line and you can leave your voice message whenever you want. A live stream is also available soooo – stay tuned!

Until next time!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Schnauzer Logic Episode 76 is Online!!!

sonovista, my friends! as noted in my quickpost below, Episode 76 is online and can be found in all of the usual places (iTunes, Pickle Player, Legacy Player, MP3 Stream, etc.)

we continued our live audio-stream experiment on ShoutCast, and also created a brand-new channel where you can watch us live in the studio while we record... we also waited expectantly for our new show phone to ring, but alas, like the night before the senior prom, no calls, no messages, a pint of Chubby Hubby® our only real friend!

the studio was full with John DeKoven (Bunjos!), Sheri and back for a return visit, our friend Jeff Maranhas, who i mistakenly put in Parviz's chair (mistakenly because as a still-new-member of our team he's learning the flow of the show and by sitting off to the side, he couldn't see my eyes unless i turned to face him, and so didn't have a visual cue of when it was okay to jump in, etc. my bad and even though i've been doing this for a long time i learned something new!)

we also had a visit from our friend, Jason Nathanson (KNX-1070) who discussed his visit to the annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon and allowed us to play his two KNX audio reports. we also spoke with Jason about the Kevin Smith/FatGate story and, upon reflection, we spent too much time on this and that was my fault, so apologies! (i think as someone who struggles with weight, i was particularly sensitive, but ultimately its not -that- interesting a story. mi scusi!)

we cold-opened the show with a vintage Parviz Fathali School of Broadcasting promo and also went into the first break with our vintage Dick Cheney Shot A Man In The Face/Dickie Goodman parody.

and now on to the random things we said we would talk about and didn't or links that may explain what the hell we actually were talking about:

1. Sarah Silverman problems at the TED conference
2. Steven Colbert (The Colbert Report) take on the Sarah Palin/Rush Limbaugh/"Retarded" controversy
3. Family Guy/Sarah Palin controversy
4. Kevin Smith story
5. BAFTA's Sunday February 21
6. Whitney Houston "Kiss My Ass" is from the TV show, "Being Bobby Brown" made famous by Joel McHale on the TV show, 'The Soup"
7. Ali Waller (didididah, didididah)
8. Auto Tune is everywhere (including Schnauzer Logic) and here's the most clever use i've seen so far: Autotuning The News
9. Pitchers and Catchers are reporting for Spring Training (Winter is Officially Over)
10. Tracy Morgan (as Pumpkin Escobar) in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
11. Chris Rock (as director Chaka Luther King) in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
12. Bears/Cubs (the other kind)
13. Olympics time-delayed on US West Coast
14. Don't Make a Fuckin' Maniac Out Of Me
15. Opera Music
16. Sports Illustrated Lindsey Vonn Controversy
17. Kindle 2 - Electric Boogaloo
18. NYT iPad pricing
19. Walk Don't Run (Original Trailer)
20. Hunter S. Thompson - "When the Going gets Weird, The Weird turn Pro."
21. Doctor (Kelso) on Scrubs v. Lt. Bookman on Seinfeld
22. The answer to the Seinfeld trivia question is John Cheever
23. Winnebago Man

fuck... i'm done... (Boyana, you OWE me big!!! instead of a show summary this week (or in addition to), how about a sociological examination of the nature of relationships between the characters on Schnauzer Logic, the limits of humor, and a theory on why we're not more famous (or rich!) - you have 30 minutes... begin!)

and to quote me: "And now you know what you didn't know, when you didn't know what you knew!"

until next time
Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


...we interrupt this program for a brief announcement...

sonovista, my friends! yes, Schnauzer Logic Show 76 is online and i'll be putting together some supplemental notes later this morning (with the Official Show Notes by Boyana® coming soon)

but in an intersection of two of my multiple universes (universi?) this morning i spoke with a Bulgarian station on my ham radio... LZ10ARDF, a special event station of the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs, on 18.13295MHz... first Bulgarian QSO (hamspeak for contact) it was short and scratchy but we heard each other for a brief exchange of call signs. for those interested, this is all due to the increasing sunspot activity we're just beginning to see as Solar Cycle 24 starts to get underway.

here comes the sun, indeed...
more to come...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Look For Show 76 Tomorrow (Wednesday)... Live @ 4pm PST

sonovista, my friends... just a heads up... we plan to record Show 76 tomorrow in the studio with Sheri and Parviz and JohnnyD and Jeff and Jason on the phone from LA... we're gonna try and do the live-stream thing again, so you can call in and be a part of the proceedings!

1. The show number is in the blog below, or you can use the Google Voice Widget on the right and be connected to the studio (or leave a voicemail message when we're not on the air!)

2. We're also going to be streaming the show audio over at

3. We're also going to be streaming live video from the studio on USTREAM... the show page is at

no guarantee as to the quality of any of these sources (the podcast is the reference) but we're happy to let you in on the fun while we're in the studio!

see ya all tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're Taking A Snow Day!

sonovista, my friends... in honor of the patenting of the fire extinguisher in 1863, the birth of jimmy durante in 1893 and bertolt brecht in 1898 (i wonder if they knew each other?) and the success of "Deep Blue" in beating world chess champion garry kasparov in the first game of their match in 1996, plus the snow storms on the east coast, sheri's new job and the price of cheese, we're taking the week off.

server stats would seem to indicate that a bunch of folks have fallen behind on their listening, so consider this a little chance to get caught up.

i still fully expect Boyana to write a blog post about the lack of show and this very weak excuse!

more to come
stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Official Episode 75 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

The 75th episode of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show matched perfectly with the time when the podcast celebrated its fourth anniversary, so it was even more special than ever. Our dear friend and host Robin prepared for us songs that all contained “75” in their titles, there was open telephone line for everybody who wanted to interrupt the guests at the studio, they were doing everything “live”…and goodies like that. It sounds like everybody had a great fun and I can admit that it was again pleasure to hear these amazing people laughing loud at this 75th episode.

Parviz, John and Robin were the “core group”. Billy Sunshine called on the phone and Dave tried to interrupt the talking in the studio, but unfortunately something strange happened and the connection with him disappeared. But no worries! Everything was under control – as always when these guys are involved. The fourth anniversary of the show was a great reason for some of the new listeners to get some background information about how everything started back in 2006. These details were nicely connected with some present events that bothered the attention of the friends gathered in the studio. Jason on the phone started an interesting conversation about his recent experience with the Grammy awards. You can download the show or listen it in the player in the right of your screens to find out who were Jason’s favorites at the ceremony. Also, you will learn that Will I Am is a really nice guy who welcomes every journalist interested in listening to his looong story.

This is the right place to say to Parviz that my comment from the last show notes about the “fight” he had with Robin, Sheri and John was just a result from my (sometimes) strange sense of humor. :)

Oscars' nominees were also well presented in Episode 75 and everybody again enjoyed telling the full title of the film “Precious (insert a long senseless title here)”… :)

I should make a note that this show was one of the shortest from my point of view. It lasted something like two hours but when you listen to it the times literally flies. The mood was wonderful, because it was a celebration after all. Hours after the recording of the podcast Robin has written that he was not much satisfied from the final result, but I can only tell this to him – it is all in your head, Robin! Yeah, everything was superb! Really! :)

The Bulgarian national anthem was the song at the background while Parviz told some really kind words about his friendship with Robin, John, Sheri, Sean, Jason and all of the other people involved in the craziness called Schnauzer Logic. Wonderful place for me to say: “Happy birthday, Schnauzer! Be as crazy as you are now! We love as you are.

To all of you who have missed to celebrate with Robin - you can still call and leave your “sonovista” to him . :)

Until next time!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Schnauzer Logic Episode 75 (Our 4th Anniversary Show) Is Online!!!

sonovista, my friends... someone once said that it's not official until i say it on the show blog, so Schnauzer Logic Episode 75 is Online!

as usual you can grab it in iTunes, download the MP3 or listen in the online player on the right! (and for those asking, you can also listen in the "legacy player", though that sounds like the old guys who wave their caps before the MLB AllStar Game)

as to the show itself, well to paraphrase the late Donald Runsfeld:

"As you know, ah, you celebrate your anniversary with the show you have -- not the show you might want or wish to have at a later time. You can have all the show prep in the world and it can (still) be blown up..."

ah Donald... what a douche...

in any event, while it is a great show and i LOVE the energy and comedy that Parviz and John and Jason and even Billy Sunshine brought to the proceedings (and love them all for giving their time and talent to pump my little show), in my mind things were suppose to play out differently... i was also suppose to be thinner and have straight hair, but that didn't work out so good either.

so there you go... after more than 10 years of being back on the radio, i still get depressed when the thing in my head doesn't match the thing that actually happened, no matter how GREAT the thing that actually happened was... this is MY craziness and my instinct is not to jot it down in the show blog... but the other thing i've learned after more than 10 years of being back on the radio is that this is my CRAZINESS, and recognizing that how i'm feeling is not rationally related to how anyone else will experience what we did, helps me to put down the scissors and step away from the kitty... so i will leave in this paragraph in the hope that it may stop some other egomanical narcissist from beating him/herself up for the way life unfolds.

Schnauzer Logic Major Truth #1
Life is a lot like walking a miniature Schnauzer. You pretty much have to go where it wants to take you, or its a miserable experience for everyone involved.

anyway, back to the show... (boyana will have her wonderful detailed show notes as usual, but here are the quickies)

1. we tried something new this week and streamed the studio audio LIVE during the recording. at least a couple of folks seemed to enjoy this, so we'll try to do this again every week. the show audio is an MP3 shoutcast stream (meaning you can listen to it on just about every device, including your iphone) and is slightly-better-than-AM quality audio (not as good as the podcast audio) and you can listen to it at

2. one reason for streaming the show live is that it means listeners can call us, while we're in the studio, on the new Studio Line:

during the week this number will roll directly over into voicemail where you can leave a comment, but during the live show we'll route this number into the studio so you can interrupt the flow of our conversation (or maybe even add something witty and give Parviz a chance to take a breath!)

3. tunes: so if you listened to the show live you heard 4 tunes, but if you listen to the podcast you'll hear a different 4 tunes (well, two are the same as the live broadcast)... as i was listening to the show during post-production, i realized i didn't like the flow of two of the songs, so i replaced them. the podcast tunes (in order) are:
  • "75" by Ben Morris and The Great American Boxcar Chorus
  • "75 and Sunny" by the Ryan Montbleau Band
  • "High of 75" by Relient K
  • "Seventy-Five" by Paul Brook
and the two songs we played but replaced were:
  • "75 Highway" by Lightnin' Hopkins
  • "75 Again" by The Four Horsemen
4. The Plugs:
5. The corrections:
too numerous to mention and this is why i hired a virtual assistant in the first place!

anyway, many thanks and much love to you all for the voicemails and emails and tweets and notes and donations and kind thoughts and gentle words and prayers and prose and poetry. each week for the past four years a few good friends got into a small room together for a couple of hours to try to make each other laugh and take our turn at driving the universe for a bit of our collective journey... its been a nice way to share our stories and see the stars... and with any luck, in four more years we'll be doing the exact same thing...

so we got that going for us, which is nice.

until next time...

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Schnauzer Logic's 4th Anniversary/75th Show goes LIVE at 3PM PST

***Feb 4 Update***
We recorded the show yesterday but I haven't had the chance to process and upload it to the server yet. Busy day for me, so for now, please just chat among yourselves.
***Feb 4 Update***

sonovista, my friends!

SchnauzerLogic's 4th Anniversary/75th show goes LIVE at 3pm PST - listen live or call the studio phone:

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Official Episode 74 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

This time the show has started with a nice pre-talk between the guests at the studio who were Sheri, Parviz and John. Robin decided to give us again the chance to hear what is actually happening “behind the scenes” and the effect was great as always. (No edits, everybody!)

There were many topics in the Schnauzer Logic Radio Show number 74, but here are the main:

- Robin gave us an interesting insight about some of the sounds he is playing at the start of every show. All of you that didn’t know why were they chosen for this purpose – you can get the information from our host every Wednesday from now on

- Parviz was the one who started again the talk about the Leno/Conan television war. ;) There were bunch of funny things told in this segment, but may be the funniest was the fact that Parviz likes more Leno than any other show host on the TV air in the USA. ;) Everybody was arguing with him and (thanks God!) at the end this did not finish with a fight. ;)

- Probably the most popular topic of all was the thing that everybody commented in the last few days over the Internet. Yesss! The announcement of iPad and all of the noise around it. It was amazing to learn that Robin was part of the Apple company right at the beginning of their developing of the first iPod. And guess what? He owns one of the first prototypes of this unique gadget! Robin was also one of the people who decided which colors should be appropriate for the “color series” of the iMac.

- There on the show you can also find a useful tip about a program that shrinks DVDs so that you can transfer them on your iPhone or other kind of mobile device

- The big news this time was the announcement of John’s marriage. The BIG day will be his birthday – 17th of July. J

- Some health issues were also chatted about in Episode 74, but more details – in the podcast, please. ;)

- If you didn’t know already, there is a clinic for people that have Internet addiction. I hope that no one of us will ever know where the hell this place is.

- Also mentioned in the show were some baseball players, the comedian Rich Vos and his appearance in Starbucks, “guilty pleasures”, some popular tv shows, politics and (of course) Obama, the new job Sheri is getting soon, one funny video of a woman with(out) skirt and so on.

- A great conversation about charity and the ways everybody can help was made right before the end of this chapter of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show history.

That was everything, told briefly.

Episode 75 with the fourth anniversary of the show is coming this week so – stay tuned! J