Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where the hell -is- everybody?

sonovista, my friends! its a good question and you deserve an answer and right now i got nothing... Sheri and Rachel and Jeff and i should be joining John DeKoven at BUNJO's this friday night to be judges in his Komedy Kompetion thing, and we'll try to do a show next week assuming i can get someone to sit in the studio with me (or maybe even if i can't)

in the meanwhile, here is a pleasant photo i took on my trip to Terre Haute, Indiana this past weekend to celebrate my uncle's 80th birthday and watch as he received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Saint Mary-Of-The-Woods College.



Alliechan said...

Wow, he got his own doctor. That is so cool! Now, if he can get a nurse, and a billings department from a few other schools, he can finally do something with his life.

I mean, he's old, right? Old people just eat apple sauce and complain about their back problems.

Get up ya lazy jerk!

Toni said...

beautiful...ok, before another month slips away i'd say schnauzer logic needs to do another show. since you didn't ask, i'll share that this show is like a routine dose of medicine that keeps me in good spirits. well, at least until i find my way back to my native nor cal...for now i think of listening as one of the ways i keep sane! at least it makes for a lot of laughs. ;)

Boyana said...

C'mooooon! :)