Sunday, April 18, 2010

Official Episode 80 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Welcome back to the Schnauzer Logic official show notes! Two weeks without the podcast and it came time for the 80th Episode, which was recorded on the 14th of April.

It was a funny show with only John and Parviz in the studio. All of Robin’s friends that used to be guests had different things to do at this time, but this does not affect the great spirit of the show. It started with a talk about the new “Nike” commercial with Tiger Woods. John and Robin were shocked that Parviz didn’t see it, because it was commented in almost every tv show in the USA. I should admit – what a strange commercial this was!

Second topic was the article Robin has written some days ago. It is called “The year of living Olbermann” and it tells the story of the fake Keith Olbermann’s Twitter profile Robin created and managed for the past 12 months. It is a nice but really long article that our host read on air so everybody that was too lazy to read it (like me, Parviz and John), to hear it now.

A wonderful surprise was the call on the phone from Mark Zinkle who has listened Schnauzer Logic from right from the beginning four years ago. Mark was then 14 and now he has his own radio show, he is building an airplane and he is probably the most attractive boy in his class, hehe… You can find more about his activities on his official site. What a nice boy he is!

The second call at this 80th episode was from Mary, who has won free tickets for Bunjo’s comedy club! More details on Facebook!

A conversation was made about the recent events around Conan O’Brien and the news the he will probably join the forces of TBS. Different opinions, comments and positions were all gathered in Schnuzer Logic Radio Show, Episode 80!

Parviz had his own segment before the end of the show where all – Jackson’s doctor, Hugh Hefner comment about Tiger Woods and Jesse James, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, adopted Russian kid, John Tesh and Oprah and Sigourney Weaver, were mentioned.

The show ended with a Bulgarian song by Stoyan Yankoulov and Elitsa Todorova called “Water”. Jeff was the last caller at the studio and again with his amazing sense of humor added interesting comment about the recent issues with Toyota. He also told us about the “Star Wars: Uncut”.

That was it – Episode 80!

Until next time!

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