Thursday, April 08, 2010

We All Playin' Hooky

a conflagration of solar flares, sunspots, and cocoa butter resulted in the gang playing hooky yesterday, so please accept our apologies for the lack of original comedic show material (i know... this applies to pretty much every week, show or no show!)

in the meantime, please to enjoy this pretty picture from the beach at santa cruz , california, yesterday at exactly the moment we should have been in a small, hot, crowded room.

next week we're back!


Anonymous said...

Really! You will be back this week? I will tune in and watch you as I have the day off downunder and can leave behind the world of Australian health reform for a while and listen to see (?!) if the SL team revisit US political events once more.
And current events too - pop culture is essentially the same here in oz as the only 'cable' available is owned by Fox and free to air is mostly US and UK content. So my junk TV addiction maps rather nicely, and frankly I need the validation! Looking forward to seeing you all, if the planets conspire against us this week, then soon will do. Kath

Anonymous said...

oh and if all else fails I expect a full and frank assessment of the merits and pitfalls of the grammar rules pertaining to nouns of multitude.