Monday, December 21, 2009

Official Episode 72 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Schnauzer Logic Radio Show

Episode 72:

Sonovista, friends! Here are the next show notes of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show. This time we will discuss Episode 72 and almost everything that happened in it.

I will start with the fact that this was quite serious episode, but as Robin said “Don't worry... we'll change all that in 2010!” It was talked a lot about who should be the man of the decade, while this was the last show for 2009. The guests at the studio – Sheri and Parviz gave their opinion and it was fun to hear their arguments about the list of people Robin was giving them from an online poll.

Robin also gave us some details about his experience as guest at “Gender Blender” on last week. He didn’t actually had enough time to tell the story of his transitions – the thing that was the reason he is there on the phone, so this interview didn’t turn out as good as he expected. Questions from the host there that were “nobody’s business” pissed him off. However, he found on that program some really nice people he would love to know better. They shared some of his thoughts so it was not so bad experience after all.

Jason was the first guest on the phone and he received a special song about “Hanukkah” – as present from Robin who was again creative with the audio editing. ;) In spite of the great discussion about the nominees for the “Golden Globe” prize Jason made in this episode, he surprised us all with the news that he won the “Golden Mike” award. Congratulations, Jason! This is really awesome! In Episode 72 you can hear the names of the most of the nominated films (for the Globes) this year and the nice comments from everybody in the studio.

Important part of the show this time was the radio journalist from KCBS Doug Sovern whose report about AIDS in Africa (the first part of it; the other can be found here – on the bottom left) was played in Schnauzer Logic. It was horrifying to hear how many problems people there have, but at the same time it was important to know that slowly things are changing for good. Part of the discussion with Doug was the type of thinking and the work of Barack Obama, who is always a nice subject of discussion in the show. Guess why? I can say that Doug was the highlight of Episode 72 and we all hope that he can be part of the show again!

Sheri shared her thoughts about China and the change in the country for the last ten years. She had the opportunity to visit some of the destinations there. The people living there were amazing with the great effort they were making to change the status quo.

It is necessary to say that after a great talk for “Man Of The Decade” was chosen again Barack Obama. It was logic while there in the list were names such as those of a bicyclist and a writer of stories about boys flying on their magic sticks, right Parviz?! ;)

Great holiday wishes were made by everybody in the studio and I am sure they will become true when we know that Schnauzer Logic will continue with its first episode for the new decade in the first week of January 2010. Your fingers should be crossed in the second week, because then will be Robin’s kidney surgery. We all wish him a lot of courage and good health for the years coming!

From my point of view – that was it, the 72nd Episode of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show. Until next year! Gouranga!… or in other words: Be Happy!


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