Thursday, December 10, 2009

Episode 71 Erratta

Sonovista, my friends! The official show notes from Boyana will be coming in due course, but in listening back to Episode 71 it appears that our grasp on the truth was looser than usual... this thread is a place to record various errata:

1. John Hughes did not write or direct Chinatown. Chinatown was directed by Roman Polanski and written by Robert Towne and Roman Polanski.

2. John Updike did not write Watership Down. Watership Down is a heroic fantasy about a small group of rabbits written by British author Richard Adams. John Updikes "Rabbit" series includes Rabbit Run, Rabbit Redux, Rabbit is Rich, Rabbit At Rest and Rabbit Remembered. Unlike Watership Down, the 'Rabbit" series is not about a rabbit.

3. Walter Cronkite did not end his newscasts with, "That's my story and i'm sticking to it". That phrase was recited by Colin Quinn as anchor of the Weekend News Update on Saturday Night Live. Chevy Chase signed off by saying, "I'm Chevy Chase and You're Not". Cronkite said, "And That's The Way It Is (insert date) - For CBS News this is Walter Cronkite. Good Night".

4. Bea Arthur first appeared on TV in the role of Maude as Edith Bunker's cousin, Maude Finley in the series All In The Family.

5. In my discussion about moving the show blog from tblog to blogger i completely 'f'd' up and actually described the process of moving the blog from blogger to tblog. I attribute this total mental collapse to either (a) a micro-stroke or (b) alpha particles from outer space. In either event, the best way to make sure you always arrived at the show blog is to bookmark

6. A few hunger-related charities that are highly rated as having low operating expenses/overhead and using the greatest percentage of their income for direct charitable purposes:

Action Against Hunger

Feeding America's Hungry Children

Mazon: A Jewish Response To Hunger

Sacred Heart Community Service

7. More info as i get it but right now it looks like i'm going to be a guest on "Gender Blender" next Tuesday, December 15th. The show runs from 6pm to 7pm pacific time and i'm scheduled to be on for 10 minutes in the second half hour. You can listen live on KBOO.FM

8. It's Larry "Bubbles" Brown and not Larry's Bubble Brown. More alpha particles, obviously.

to be continued...

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