Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to Gender Blender Listeners

sonovista, my friends! (the traditional Schnauzer Logic greeting)... if you're here because you just heard me babble on incoherently for about 10 minutes on KBOO and Gender Blender, welcome... this is the show blog for a weekly 2hr comedy/pop culture/lifestyle/political/music show hosted by me and a rotating group of friends (they're always friends, they're just not always in the studio or on the phone!)... as i am 'trans' this technically qualifies as a 'trans' show (its true... i looked it up in the big book of 'wha!?!')... but as i was a talk radio host before my transition, after my transition, after my second transition and after my third transition (pant pant pant) this is first and foremost an entertainment show (which is the kind of show i love doing).. i have a unique perspective on gender based on my life experience, but that's not what the show is about... in truth, its about finding ways to make ourselves, each other, and the audience laugh, think, and laugh some more.

check out some of our recent shows (we've started up again after an extended break), or dig through the archives for our interviews with Mort Sahl, Jann Karam, J. Keith VanStratten, Lisa Parade, Bobby Kelton, Taylor Negron or any of the musicians, comedians or authors we've interviewed. as i used to say in my KSCO promos: if you're not doing anything better on a saturday night, it wouldn't kill you to listen.

strong recommendation indeed!


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