Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interesting Artifact and the Podcastification of "AirPlay"

sonovista, my friends... well, having spent my entire Saturday working on setting up this new blog site i've run across some interesting old Schnauzer Logic and AirPlay artifacts.

for those who don't know, in the beginning there was Schnauzer Logic and today there's Schnauzer Logic, but for 10 weeks in the Summer of 2001, i hosted the 9am-11am/M-F morning show on KSCO. the powers that be thought that the moniker "Schnauzer Logic" was too silly (they wanted Cafe Santa Cruz), and so i came up with a bunch of alternatives... one was SonoVista (yes, the show was going to be called SonoVista - "Sonos" for sound, and "Vista" for an expansive view of things you wouldn't normally see, so SonoVista for a broad expanse of things you wouldn't normally hear - get it?)... when i suggested SonoVista the powers that be looked at me like a poodle trying to figure out a card trick, so i went back to the drawing board and came up with AirPlay (we're playing around on the air... right? right?!?) and "repurposed" SonoVista as a new greeting...

anyway, i had an actual producer for AirPlay, the legendary Jodi Lee, and after a week or so it was clear that a lot of our guests had no idea how to be guests, at least not on the radio... so i came up with a list of 10 tips, that i thought every talk radio guest should know (ie, #2 - Despite our best efforts, AirPlay is a radio show, so no one will be able to see you shake your head 'yes' or 'no' in response to a question.)

and here it is (you can click on the image to make it bigger):

now i used to run the old AirPlay shows as a low-bitrate stream on a shoutcast channel, but haven't done that in a few years... but i'm thinking that what i'll do is release all 50 shows/100 hours (including the interviews with ben stein, sugar ray leonard, chubby checker, gary coleman, etc) as a "Directors Cut" podcast, complete with introductory commentary, perhaps one a week during 2010. Sean was on those shows (he sat in almost every friday) as was John DeKoven and Jason and "Cranky Dog" Chip Street and Parviz and a bunch of other folks you may know from SL. so for those who have been looking for access to the back catalog, this will be your Christmas gift for 2010! (i also have all of the old Schnauzer Logic shows from KSCO as well as the live shoutcast streams we did before the invention of podcasting and may find a way to toss those up, too... they're a bit rougher, but still have some very funny bits.)

and now i head off to bed.

hope you all have your holiday shopping done, especially our friends on the east coast where an early storm has dumped almost a foot of global warming white stuff on the ground. Ho Ho Ho!


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