Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year! and a Little Gift...

sonovista, my friends and the Happiest of New Years! hope you're all enjoying the new decade and almost done recovering from the holidays (or should i say HoliDaze? LOL, ha ha ha)


in any event, i'm back from Vegas and we'll try to do a show this coming wednesday before i take a (fingers-crossed-very-short) medical break... i'll try to put up the first AirPlayReplay Directors Cut episode in the next week and will post a link here when its online.

in the meanwhile, Santa brought me a new mac and in going through and transferring files and projects i came across the video of my appearance on the old game show Win Ben Stein's Money... for those who don't know, WBSM was a "game" show on Comedy Central where three contestants would compete against each other and ultimately against Ben himself in order to "Win Ben Stein's Money" ($5000)... i tested and auditioned and got on and didn't win, but had a great time! what happened was (yah, there's a story) during round 1 i had some problems with my buzzer... at the break i called over the exec producer and said i was having trouble, but this is a common complaint (and usually not valid, since once someone 'buzzes' in the other buzzers are locked out. i knew i was first on more than a few questions (i had been practicing at home with a pen) but the exec producer blew me off... i was in the lead after the first round and got to play the second round... because one of the other contestants was so tall they moved us (ben is always at the end) so i moved from the left hand side to the middle and the other fellow moved to my station... as the game started again there was a question where both ben and i answered wrong... the cohost, Nancy Pimental, said, "well, Doug, why don't you try" and Doug said, "i'm trying to press the buzzer but its not working!"


stop tape, send in the electricians (or someone like them) and get ready to start again... only during the break i went over to the exec producer and said, "see... i told you the buzzer wasn't working"

now i've gone back and calculated and if i had been able to get the extra two questions in the first round i knew the answer to but wasn't able to respond because of the broken buzzer, i would have had more points than Doug and gotten to play in the final round head-to-head against ben... but in the real world they don't go back, they simply invite you to return to play again (an advantage since you already know what to expect, aren't nervous, etc.)

this was fine with me and i left happy with lovely parting gifts.

cut forward 4 months and i'm getting ready to do the very first AirPlay show (see, it all ties together)... i needed a great guest for my very first show and contacted Ben to see if (a) he remembered me and (b) if he would come on the air (he had a connection with Santa Cruz as he was a student/taught/something at UC Santa Cruz)... ben said yes and we had a lovely and entertaining time and you'll be able to hear it when AirPlay is online again...

but, when the fall rolled around and they were getting ready to start production, again, of Win Ben Stein's Money, the producers called me to go over my credentials and confirm all my details and i let slip that Ben had been the first guest on my new talk show... uh oh!... contact outside of the show is forbidden and they were going to have to check with the lawyers... which meant i was fucked because there is no constitutional right to be on a game show and no percentage for the lawyers to risk letting me on and having to answer for a claim of collusion... so that ended my game show career, but a bad quicktime transfer of a VHS tape still exists and you can see it in four parts at the links below:

Part 1 - RDG on Win Ben Stein's Money
Part 2 - RDG on Win Ben Stein's Money
Part 3 - RDG on Win Ben Stein's Money
Part 4 - RDG on Win Ben Stein's Money

Ben Stein & Robin Goldstein on the set of Win Ben Stein's Money

i really wanted a photo with Ben and so after our game was over i asked the producer if i could have one... he said ben didn't usually take photos with the contestants (time thing, i think... they taped a bunch of shows and it would take a lot of time), but he did go over and ask and i could see ben turn around and the fellow pointed at me and ben shook his head, 'yes'... i had to wait through the next game and that's an interesting story, too, watching the game from the audience after you've just played, but that's for a future Schnauzer Logic show... in any event i want to again thank Ben for being on AirPlay and taking this wonderful photo, for Jason who took the audition and test with me and Jason's parents who let me sleep on the couch in their basement (at the age of 43, nothing weird about that!) and to Misha who came down to LA with me to the taping as moral support, gal friday and official Schnauzer photographer... nice shot, misha!)

and that's it for now... my ears are ringing and i need to answer them (hahaha... tinnitus humor... never gets old or any less depressing!)

my new years resolution?

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


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RH said...

Happy New Year Robin and Schnauzerlogic crew!!! Thanks so much for keeping your show rolling lately. My prayers go with you for a successful and easy time with the surgery! I'll also be kicking down a few pesos to help with keeping Boyana on the job. She's great! All my best wishes, Richard