Monday, December 07, 2009

Official Episode 70 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

This time, the show started really amazing! Robin decided to begin Episode 70 of Schnauzer Logic with the Bulgarian national anthem. What a great surprise for me and a wonderful gesture of our host, buddy and pal! :p

Guests at the studio were Sheri Stevens and John De Koven. Ops, I almost forgot Jeff Maranhas just like Robin did several times with John. On the phone there was a talk with Sean and Jason. As Robin said, Episode 70 was “politics free” so pop culture was the general topic of the show. Main role was given to Tiger Woods and the voice mail message that he sent to his lover. Everybody enjoyed commenting this strange message while Jason made a material about it on the KNX radio.

Pop culture this time meant the wedding of Chelsea Clinton, TV shows that everybody in the studio and on the phone watches, a scene from “The Big Lebowski”, Ivana Trump, Samuel L. Jackson (<=this link is NOT safe for work!) and so on… It was surprising to know how many hours Robin watches television per week! All of the guests made their comment on what they like and don’t like from the list of famous shows Robin gave them.

Interesting twist in this conversation was the talk about men and women in their 40s or 50s who decided to discover themselves as gays or lesbians. The main point of view that everybody shared was this one - people don’t usually look strange on such things when they happen at that age.

Sean (? I don’t make great difference between Sean and Jason’s voice, sorry!)… hmm, I am not sure that it was actually Sean, but however – he shared his experience in writing a script for a horror movie. If we trust him – “horror” people are not as geeky as we think they are. He received many ideas from fans of this genre and now he expects a good result of his hard work from the past few months. He was the one that said that there is money for such project so everybody wished him a good luck with it.

Robin was the next one who revealed news about Schnauzer Logic. He is now looking for second virtual assistant who will help him made an application for iPhone. It is supposed to be an easy way to have access to all of the podcasts recorded under the mark of Schnauzer Logic. If everything goes right – it may help everyone who is interested to read also this kind of show notes after the show is recorded and put online.

It was quite an amazing to understand that Parviz was the man who stopped a flight some years ago and Robin was helping him getting out of the trouble he had. The story is getting even more hilarious when you hear the details on Episode 70, while you reading the news posted about it here and here.

Jeff in the studio was also one of the attractions this time. Except for his sense of humor and funny way of interrupting others’ conversation, he told a strange story that happened to him not long ago. There were pajamas, handcuffs and police involved, but if you want to know the details – just check Episode 70 online.

And that was all. Actually – not all, but almost everything interesting that happened in Schnauzer logic radio show – Episode 70.

Until next time:

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Pay Attention
Tell The Truth and
Don't Be Attached To The Outcome!

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