Sunday, December 13, 2009

Official Episode 71 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Here we are – almost at the middle of December when Episode 71 of Schnauzer Logic radio show is already online. Let’s see what happened this time. Guests at the studio were Sheri, John and Parviz. This time no “phone guests”, but the talk with these people was as interesting and funny as always.

The show started with Robin’s story about his experience with listening short wave radio stations in the beginning of the 70s. Surprisingly for me, he knew a lot about stations such as this in Sofia or in Moscow, because he was a kid that enjoyed listening to music and talking from abroad at his backyard. Sending postcards to these programs and receiving an answer from countries such as Albania and Romania was also something likely that happened to Robin when he was a bit younger. ;)

This time we also heard my first audio report for Schnauzer Logic… It was actually my reading of the previous show notes, but it looked like everybody enjoyed what I’ve made. Next time I will try to do something different as I already have some suggestions from Robin, but we’ll see what will happen.

Main part of Episode 71 was Parviz’s “List of dead people: 2009”. Anything strange in this? Noooope. And, by the way – this was the part were everybody laughed for a veeery long time. Again. Smile However – there were Walter Cronkite, Les Paul, Patrick Swayze, John Updike, Natasha Richardson and many others (someone said Michael Jackson? ;)) in this list. Sheri, John and Robin gave their opinions and impressions about everybody mentioned, pointing at Parviz that he is not well prepared for this segment. ;) On the day after the show was recorded Robin gave a long list with errors that they all made in the comments – a fact that increased the funny element in all this. Listen to the show and you’ll see… [Robin's Comment: Boyana is being very kind in her brief description of this segment. For the record, although Parviz was in a state of panic that we were going to cut him off, the actual discussion of Dead 2009 lasted for almost exactly 50 minutes, including one song break, or just under 50% of the show... I'm just saying...]

One of the nicest surprises this time was the info that someone has made a donation for the Schnauzer Logic Radio Show. So kind of you, whoever you are! This was a reason for Robin to give us advice to donate as much as we can afford and whenever we have ability to do it. An advice that also has my strong support!

Other top ten lists of 2009 were put in the conversation along with a short talk about saying “Merry Christmas” and the message people sent with it to others.

Episode 71 ended some minutes after its second hour without John in the studio. He left before the last segment of the show which Robin dedicated to his thoughts about the experience being transsexual and the process of gender transition. The death of Mike Penner was the reason he started writing some of his own experiences that will probably end up as an interesting book. This theme was also the reason Robin was invited to be a guest on "Gender Blender" next Tuesday, December 15th – on

Being happy depends on you and no one could not tell you what should be the way of your life. This is a nice way to end these show notes. Don’t forget that I am saying with them that Episode 71 of the history of Schnauzer Logic is online and waiting for you!

Again – wonderful show, a lot of laugh, good friends, nice music and positive vibes – all in Episode 71.

Until next time!

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