Thursday, February 25, 2010

Schnauzer Logic Episode 77 is Online!!! Rich Vos Brings The Funny...

sonovista, my friends... quick update as today (Thurs, Feb 25) is a bit out of control...

first and foremost, Schnauzer Logic Episode 77 is Online in all the usual places:

iTunes, Sidebar Pickle Player, Legacy Player, MP3 Stream, etc. (as of 11:51am PST it hasn't show up on the iTunes music store, yet, but if you're a subscriber it will download automatically, and all the other sources are working fine)

we had a great show yesterday with John DeKoven, Jeff Maranhas and Sheri Stevens in the studio, and our special guest, comedian Rich Vos, on our phone for more than 30 minutes... John knows Rich (he booked him at Bunjos earlier this month and they bonded over golf, two jews engaged in outdoor activities - how bizarre!) and asked him to be a guest on our little show... i know Rich though his stand-up, tv appearances and regular spots on the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius/XM radio here in the states, but never met or spoke to him prior to pressing down the button on the phone and saying "Sonovista"... so you can gauge the speed and lethal quality of Rich's humor when you realize that about 30 seconds into our call we were all braying like donkeys into our mics, laughing too hard to take control of the show...

i think we upped our game to make the whole of Episode 77 "Vos-worthy", but you be the judge... for those who are fans of Vos and don't want to dig through our entire show, you can download just the interview as an MP3 file ::here::

we talked about a lot more, too, including an update on Tiger Woods, more news from cyberspace and the twitterverse, best-detention-note-ever, an interesting take on the Toyota 'crisis' here in the US, and much more... its a worthy listen and detailed show notes will be forthcoming from Boyana (and i might toss in a few links too)

in the meanwhile, its Plug-O-Rama® time:

Rich Vos on Facebook
Rich Vos on MySpace
Rich's "I'm Killing Here" Comedy CD
Rich's HomePage
and Rich will be at Magooby's Joke House in Baltimore today (2/25), tomorrow and saturday and at the Moehegan Sun Cabaret, next Saturday, March 6

John DeKoven's Bunjos Comedy Sun Cabaret has their weekly Pro/Am Open Mic tomorrow (friday) and headliner Jeff Applebaum this saturday night (2/27)

Mark Zinkle (who?) is a talented young guy on the move and sits in on Saturday's on KMYC from 1-3pm and has his own podcast, The Mark and Stephen Show that's worth a listen

and the rest of us got nothing (as it should be!)

enjoy the rest of your week... more show notes and links to follow... feel free to call the show line and leave your comments... and until next time:

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


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