Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Official Episode 74 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

This time the show has started with a nice pre-talk between the guests at the studio who were Sheri, Parviz and John. Robin decided to give us again the chance to hear what is actually happening “behind the scenes” and the effect was great as always. (No edits, everybody!)

There were many topics in the Schnauzer Logic Radio Show number 74, but here are the main:

- Robin gave us an interesting insight about some of the sounds he is playing at the start of every show. All of you that didn’t know why were they chosen for this purpose – you can get the information from our host every Wednesday from now on

- Parviz was the one who started again the talk about the Leno/Conan television war. ;) There were bunch of funny things told in this segment, but may be the funniest was the fact that Parviz likes more Leno than any other show host on the TV air in the USA. ;) Everybody was arguing with him and (thanks God!) at the end this did not finish with a fight. ;)

- Probably the most popular topic of all was the thing that everybody commented in the last few days over the Internet. Yesss! The announcement of iPad and all of the noise around it. It was amazing to learn that Robin was part of the Apple company right at the beginning of their developing of the first iPod. And guess what? He owns one of the first prototypes of this unique gadget! Robin was also one of the people who decided which colors should be appropriate for the “color series” of the iMac.

- There on the show you can also find a useful tip about a program that shrinks DVDs so that you can transfer them on your iPhone or other kind of mobile device

- The big news this time was the announcement of John’s marriage. The BIG day will be his birthday – 17th of July. J

- Some health issues were also chatted about in Episode 74, but more details – in the podcast, please. ;)

- If you didn’t know already, there is a clinic for people that have Internet addiction. I hope that no one of us will ever know where the hell this place is.

- Also mentioned in the show were some baseball players, the comedian Rich Vos and his appearance in Starbucks, “guilty pleasures”, some popular tv shows, politics and (of course) Obama, the new job Sheri is getting soon, one funny video of a woman with(out) skirt and so on.

- A great conversation about charity and the ways everybody can help was made right before the end of this chapter of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show history.

That was everything, told briefly.

Episode 75 with the fourth anniversary of the show is coming this week so – stay tuned! J

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