Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Official Episode 77 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Episode 77 was uploaded six days ago and I am now obliged to say – it was hell of a show!!! Wow! Really, it started with the great interview the comedian Rich Vos gave to Robin and when you hear the first twenty minutes of the new podcast, you’ll understand why so many people (including Sheri, Jeff and John in the studio) enjoyed listening to the things he was making up every minute with his amazing sense of humor and with the help of his innate intelligence.

If you never heard about him (like me, before listening the show regularly), now you’ll have a great impression about his professional abilities. That was a funny first segment, Robin, great job! Afterwards many topics were commented including Olympics, the press conference that Tiger Woods made, also the "Shamu" incident, Andrew Koeing and his missing and so on. Twitter was also put on the plate and Robin asked a great question connected with all of the impact these kind of social media are having on the democratic processes. In Episode 77 you will also hear some very nice inclusions from Jeff who gave his point of view about all of the latest Tiger Woods’ issues and Toyota present problems.

It turned out that some of the readers of my show notes didn’t like the way I talked about our host Robin – that I did not use “she”, but “he”. Actually I think that John was the first that talked about this a few months ago and Robin’s opinion then guided me how to continue my writings… So, thank you, Robin! When I first use “he” I did it without any thinking. If it is hurting anybody – please, tell me, and I will change it. No offense!

On the 1st of March I have send Robin a virtual martenitsa so I am doing this thing again here – for you. I wish you all to be healthy and happy. If you want to learn more about this Bulgarian tradition, you can always read this article.

Schnauzer Logic Radio Show Number 77 was again amazing and surely one of my favorite episodes ever! This is a real Schnauzer, people! Go and listen to it!

Until next time!

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