Friday, February 05, 2010

Schnauzer Logic Episode 75 (Our 4th Anniversary Show) Is Online!!!

sonovista, my friends... someone once said that it's not official until i say it on the show blog, so Schnauzer Logic Episode 75 is Online!

as usual you can grab it in iTunes, download the MP3 or listen in the online player on the right! (and for those asking, you can also listen in the "legacy player", though that sounds like the old guys who wave their caps before the MLB AllStar Game)

as to the show itself, well to paraphrase the late Donald Runsfeld:

"As you know, ah, you celebrate your anniversary with the show you have -- not the show you might want or wish to have at a later time. You can have all the show prep in the world and it can (still) be blown up..."

ah Donald... what a douche...

in any event, while it is a great show and i LOVE the energy and comedy that Parviz and John and Jason and even Billy Sunshine brought to the proceedings (and love them all for giving their time and talent to pump my little show), in my mind things were suppose to play out differently... i was also suppose to be thinner and have straight hair, but that didn't work out so good either.

so there you go... after more than 10 years of being back on the radio, i still get depressed when the thing in my head doesn't match the thing that actually happened, no matter how GREAT the thing that actually happened was... this is MY craziness and my instinct is not to jot it down in the show blog... but the other thing i've learned after more than 10 years of being back on the radio is that this is my CRAZINESS, and recognizing that how i'm feeling is not rationally related to how anyone else will experience what we did, helps me to put down the scissors and step away from the kitty... so i will leave in this paragraph in the hope that it may stop some other egomanical narcissist from beating him/herself up for the way life unfolds.

Schnauzer Logic Major Truth #1
Life is a lot like walking a miniature Schnauzer. You pretty much have to go where it wants to take you, or its a miserable experience for everyone involved.

anyway, back to the show... (boyana will have her wonderful detailed show notes as usual, but here are the quickies)

1. we tried something new this week and streamed the studio audio LIVE during the recording. at least a couple of folks seemed to enjoy this, so we'll try to do this again every week. the show audio is an MP3 shoutcast stream (meaning you can listen to it on just about every device, including your iphone) and is slightly-better-than-AM quality audio (not as good as the podcast audio) and you can listen to it at

2. one reason for streaming the show live is that it means listeners can call us, while we're in the studio, on the new Studio Line:

during the week this number will roll directly over into voicemail where you can leave a comment, but during the live show we'll route this number into the studio so you can interrupt the flow of our conversation (or maybe even add something witty and give Parviz a chance to take a breath!)

3. tunes: so if you listened to the show live you heard 4 tunes, but if you listen to the podcast you'll hear a different 4 tunes (well, two are the same as the live broadcast)... as i was listening to the show during post-production, i realized i didn't like the flow of two of the songs, so i replaced them. the podcast tunes (in order) are:
  • "75" by Ben Morris and The Great American Boxcar Chorus
  • "75 and Sunny" by the Ryan Montbleau Band
  • "High of 75" by Relient K
  • "Seventy-Five" by Paul Brook
and the two songs we played but replaced were:
  • "75 Highway" by Lightnin' Hopkins
  • "75 Again" by The Four Horsemen
4. The Plugs:
5. The corrections:
too numerous to mention and this is why i hired a virtual assistant in the first place!

anyway, many thanks and much love to you all for the voicemails and emails and tweets and notes and donations and kind thoughts and gentle words and prayers and prose and poetry. each week for the past four years a few good friends got into a small room together for a couple of hours to try to make each other laugh and take our turn at driving the universe for a bit of our collective journey... its been a nice way to share our stories and see the stars... and with any luck, in four more years we'll be doing the exact same thing...

so we got that going for us, which is nice.

until next time...

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


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Never using that phone again, I swear, I was NOT in a cave or being waterboarded at the time I left that voice message.