Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Official Episode 75 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

The 75th episode of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show matched perfectly with the time when the podcast celebrated its fourth anniversary, so it was even more special than ever. Our dear friend and host Robin prepared for us songs that all contained “75” in their titles, there was open telephone line for everybody who wanted to interrupt the guests at the studio, they were doing everything “live”…and goodies like that. It sounds like everybody had a great fun and I can admit that it was again pleasure to hear these amazing people laughing loud at this 75th episode.

Parviz, John and Robin were the “core group”. Billy Sunshine called on the phone and Dave tried to interrupt the talking in the studio, but unfortunately something strange happened and the connection with him disappeared. But no worries! Everything was under control – as always when these guys are involved. The fourth anniversary of the show was a great reason for some of the new listeners to get some background information about how everything started back in 2006. These details were nicely connected with some present events that bothered the attention of the friends gathered in the studio. Jason on the phone started an interesting conversation about his recent experience with the Grammy awards. You can download the show or listen it in the player in the right of your screens to find out who were Jason’s favorites at the ceremony. Also, you will learn that Will I Am is a really nice guy who welcomes every journalist interested in listening to his looong story.

This is the right place to say to Parviz that my comment from the last show notes about the “fight” he had with Robin, Sheri and John was just a result from my (sometimes) strange sense of humor. :)

Oscars' nominees were also well presented in Episode 75 and everybody again enjoyed telling the full title of the film “Precious (insert a long senseless title here)”… :)

I should make a note that this show was one of the shortest from my point of view. It lasted something like two hours but when you listen to it the times literally flies. The mood was wonderful, because it was a celebration after all. Hours after the recording of the podcast Robin has written that he was not much satisfied from the final result, but I can only tell this to him – it is all in your head, Robin! Yeah, everything was superb! Really! :)

The Bulgarian national anthem was the song at the background while Parviz told some really kind words about his friendship with Robin, John, Sheri, Sean, Jason and all of the other people involved in the craziness called Schnauzer Logic. Wonderful place for me to say: “Happy birthday, Schnauzer! Be as crazy as you are now! We love as you are.

To all of you who have missed to celebrate with Robin - you can still call and leave your “sonovista” to him . :)

Until next time!

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