Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Official Episode 76 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Here we go again! Episode 76 of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show is online for a few days, so here are the show notes.

Robin made a wonderful post after the show was recorded, putting maaaany links to the things mentioned in the show, so I will make these notes briefer. Guests at the studio the last Wednesday were John, Jeff and Sheri. Jason was again on the phone and Robin was guiding everybody through the interesting topics chosen for this episode. Nice explanations about some of the sounds that are played at the beginning of every show were made. You will now understand whose voices were used and why were they put there.

During the two hours of the show Jason talked about his “Oscars’ experience”, we’ve heard two of his wonderful reports for KNX radio and receive information about the Kevin Smith case with the Southwest Airlines. Robin wrote that they spent too much time talking about “FatGate”, but when you hear the show, you’ll enjoy their comments. Interesting to hear was the conclusion that was made by Robin about Auto Tune, but if you are interested to know more - download the latest episode. ;)

Also mentioned were Lindsey Vonn and her cover for Sports Illustrated, the new applications for smart phones which are changing the way we perceive information, Hunter Thompson and the angry voice message he left many years ago, the new Kindle Sheri got and the health issues that Sean still has. Jeff was again a great guest with his amazing sense of humor, so hopefully he’ll be back in the studio the next time there is a show. Parviz was not part of the 76th episode, but I hope that he can make it tomorrow, for example. :)

I said that it will be briefer, so here it is. Nice and short show notes, he he. Don’t forget that our favorite Schnauzer now has a telephone line and you can leave your voice message whenever you want. A live stream is also available soooo – stay tuned!

Until next time!

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