Thursday, January 28, 2010

Schnauzer Logic Episode 74 is Online!!!

sonovista, my friends! Schnauzer Logic Episode 74 is Online and ready for your listening pleasure! you can find us on iTunes, listen in the online player (on the right) or download the complete MP3 file ::here::

Sheri, Parviz, John DeKoven and I popped into the studio yesterday for a quick go-round of the week's event and all hell broke loose... If you're a regular listener you'll recognize this as a classic "Parviz Needs Airtime" episode... if you're new to the Schnauzer Logic family you'll come to recognize this as a classic "Parviz Needs Airtime" episode. in any event its a show filled with much silliness and more than a few moments of thoughtful discourse (but mostly silliness), all leading up to next week's 4th anniversary show!

Boyana is already hard at work on the show notes and I'm trying to con persuade a big time/big deal guest to join us in our celebration, so stay tuned, and in the meanwhile feel free to call our brand-new studio voicemail and leave us an anniversary message!

(oh, and if you're still looking for links to reliable Haiti Relief charities, check out the post below for Episode 73)

until next time:
Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth, and
Don't Be Attached To The Outcome



Alliechan said...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. When we would go months, years, or even more then 1 week between shows.That was when us, the faithful listeners, suffered. While we can always listen on past shows, the joy your voices that came from that stream of bits brightened our days. Robin, Sherri, Parviz, Sean, a bunch of jews, and even Michael Zwerling, had such an impact on us that we were compelled to leave 9 reviews on iTunes. We have donated dozens, no, Hundreds, of pennies to you, only to have them sent back with warm thanks. We have been called by name, or habit, over the airwaves. We have commented, we have prayed, we have hoped(for Robin to get through one of her thousand surgeries), we have empowered(Parviz to explain with poor language, his opinions), and we have heard new pop culture references(Who can forget, I'm Brian Cox!) And through it all, one thing remains the same.

You never got to know if Tiny Fey is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th anniversary! It's great to have the podcast back again. I'm a long-time fan of Schnauzerlogic and even back to the KSCO Airplay days. Good health and good fortune to you all.