Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Official Episode 73 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Hello everyone!

The new year has come and so the new show notes are back on track! 2010 started some weeks ago, but the health issues our friend and host Robin had didn’t allow him to record his wonderful show earlier. However, these are the show notes of Schnauzer Logic Radio Podcast Number 73.

This time Robin realized that in a few weeks it will be the fourth birthday of the show. Doesn’t this impress you? J But let’s see what happened in Episode 73. It was called a “mini schnauzer” because of its length (which was actually something around hour and a half!) and there in the studio were only Robin and Sheri. Jason was the one on the phone, explaining his recent experiences on the ceremony of the Golden Globes and all of the interesting stuff that happened in the media in the past few days. I should make a note that there were many days there in northern California with bad weather which was the first topic in the conversation between Robin and Sheri. However, don’t be upset – they are fine and hopefully we will all get a nice next Schnauzer episode just in a few hours.

For everybody that didn’t “received” the last messages of our host here on the blog – he is now almost recovered from his kidney surgery and sounds amazingly on the podcast even though he doesn’t feel like everything is back to normal… yet.

This time Jason made wonderful segment about the ceremony of the Golden Globes where he actually was. Yes, right there on the red carpet! He was reporting what was happening there – how many the boobies are and how great is Olivia from House M.D. ;) He and Robin made a list of the winners and talked quite long time about all of the films mentioned there. There on Episode 73 you can hear the names of Meryl Streep, Robert Downey Jr. and Mo'nique. Also mentioned were Dexter, Glee, Up In the Air, Up and… of course – Avatar.

The tragedy in Haiti was also one of the most important topics this time and while Jason told us about the young journalist his radio sent there, I was thinking that I didn’t actually chose the right profession – to be a journalist… but you know what? Bad things happen and the only thing we can make is to find a proper way to help people who suffer from them. It is that simple.

Also, there was a clear explanation about the Conan/Leno/NBC Late Night Reality Wars that are probably widely commented in the USA and you can watch really interesting and funny videos from the links Robin gave in one of the previous posts. Except for that, we now understood that Jason will finally accept his award for his radio journalistic achievements.

This was it. The 73rd Episode of Schnauzer Logic Radio Show. A mini schnauzer is not the way I will describe it, because it was a real pleasure to hear again the voices of these people and their laugh “live” on air. A great beginning of the new year, which should (and is already!) better than the previous!

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