Sunday, January 17, 2010

67th Annual Golden Globe Picks

sonovista, my friends... at home recovering from my med stuff, i'm feeling better every day but probably have another week to go before i feel like myself again (right now i feel like a cross between (insert first funny name here) and (insert contrasting funny name here).

in any event we're into awards season and tonight is the 67th Golden Globes... usually a pretty good show (as alcohol is served to the attendees) this year its being hosted by Ricky Gervais who seriously doesn't seem to give a shit about anything, so i'm hopeful that there will be some spontaneous entertainment. has a great one-page PDF ballot you can download, fill in and print to keep track of the winners, and you can grab yours here.

i've filled out my own and am posting this online at 12:04pm PST (you can see it full size by clicking on the image)

hopefully we'll be able to do a show this wednesday and see how well i did...

until then, thanks to all for the prayers and well wishes on my speedy recovery... they seem to be working!


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