Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Official Episode 78 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Episode 78 from Schnauzer Logic history was born one week ago and now I will serve you a couple of sentences about what happened in it. It lasted something like two hours and a half and you should know that it was a wonderful show again. The guests at the studio were John, Jeff and Rachel (an old friend of our host Robin and was nice to hear her at this new episode.) Jason was on the “hot line” on the telephone and the singer/songwriter/comedian Ken Turetzky called right before the end of the show, making the last segment of it really interesting and enjoyable.

The main theme of the show this time was again Oscars. We’ve received some wonderful insights from Jason who was on the red carpet. He met some actors, directors, producers, went on some parties, didn’t go to others… But the details are all in the 78th Episode and you should download it for more info! :)

Robin showed an interesting choice of music this time. We heard some crazy j-pop (Japanese pop) tunes and a bonus song of Ken at the end of the show. Jason’s recent interview with Bill Cosby was funny to hear and it gave a nice start of the conversation between the guests at the studio. We also got some personal information about Rachel – one of the moments of confusion there on Schnauzer Logic.

As I already mentioned it – Episode 78 lasted two hours and a half and it was quite interesting to listen (as always!) so I suggest you grab a copy of it and share your thoughts in the comments box here.

It is a pleasure for me to share with you that I now live in a new small apartment with my boyfriend! So, you now understand why these show notes were delayed (or I hope you do ;)).

Today we will hopefully receive one wonderful new show sooo…. Stay tuned!

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