Sunday, March 28, 2010

Official Episode 79 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Two weeks without our favorite podcast and finally there is a new Schnauzer show that I will comment down here. I won’t stop saying about every new episode that it was one of the best I've heard! It may sound a bit odd but it’s the truth – Episode 79 didn’t make difference. It was wonderful! John and Parviz (woohooo!) were the only guests at the beginning of the show, but later on Sheri join the group. The music this time was taken from the latest UK pop hits charts and Jason was again on the phone, giving his interesting opinion and insights to the discussions in front of the mikes. One of the first funny moments was right at the start of this Schnauzer - when John and Parviz were trying to make a meaningful conversation without Robin….but the great laughter was the only result at the end.

The serious talk started with the “swear” topic and Joe Biden, who managed to curse while talking on a public event. This was turned to a discussion about the recent steps in changing the USA health care system. Robin had his opinion, Sheri shared hers, John and Parviz also made great comments, so you can hear all of the details (or actually SEE how they made them on the video Robin recorded with two cams in the studio) after you download the whole episode. The serious part continued with a segment dedicated to the opposition – republicans vs. democrats. Also interesting points of view gathered there.

Aaaand, that’s all from the “serious” part. All that left was filled with funny jokes and friendly comments. Sandra Bullock and her recent marriage problems was mentioned, the origin of the phrase “that’s what she said” also there, as many TV shows like - The Marriage Ref”, “Undercover Boss”, “Who Do You Think You Are”, “Shark Tank”, “The Celebrity Apprentice” and “Modern Family”. All of them were put in the Parviz segment where he collected opinions about his favorite TV shows and we received interesting views about them.

Robin had the luck to find wonderful stories at Boing Boing and one of them brought him to Becky Stern’s website/blog where he found an amazing scarves made by Becky herself. She was the second phone guest at the 79th Episode and it was quite impressing to learn more information about her. She is a really talented young woman who has many ideas and probably the most important and useful things needed in such cases – the will and the desire to create and make them real. Becky is making a lot of cool stuff and she’s also writing about them in Make and Craft. It was a nice interview with a really nice girl you should definitely check her work. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that she was involved in the making of the amazing last OK Go video. Enjoy!

If you didn’t know, there is a TigerText app for iPhone, but the details about it are all in the show, told from John. Robin was the one that raised voice for the changes that will happen in the post delivery services in the USA. He was the one pointing that back in the days mail was delivered from postmen TWICE a day.

That was this Episode in a few words that can not describe the great vibes there in the studio, but I am sure you’ll all feel them while listening and/or watching. Have a nice week! Until next time!

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