Sunday, March 05, 2006

Results of our Oscar® Contest

Final results:

Robin: 13 Correct

Sean: 10 Correct

Parviz: 7 Correct

In the interest of full disclosure, I think I (robin) got a lot of the smaller/stranger catagories because i watched the BAFTA (British Film Industry) awards a few weeks ago and figured if I didn't know anything about any of the films in a particular catagory, then I would choose the BAFTA winner. So i cheated (by doing research). But I bow down to Sean for picking "Crash" as best picture. Damn, Me-Diddy... it sure is hard out here bein' a pimp! And you da' motion picture man!

Next show Wednesday... we'll do a recap and move on to the next big thing... and if you haven't grabbed the last show (#5) make sure to get it... lots of unplanned funtimes...


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