Friday, March 10, 2006

Episode 6 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast Posted... One Big-Ass Show!!!

Sonovista, my friends!!! Episode 6 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is on the server, even as I write... Man-O-Man, what a week, what a show, what a big-ass episode!

First, about 20 minutes before we moved into the studio, Sean called to let us know that he's in the hospital up in San Francisco for some kind of biopsy or face lift or something... He should be home in the next day or so, and we'll keep checking in with him, but feel free to leave a comment for Sean...

Anyway, Sean says he wants to do the show from his hospital bed (what a f'ing trooper!), so we rearrange the schedule, make some calls to our other guests, and get the show started... The opening audio bit this week is the Parviz Fathali School of Broadcasting, which you can grab, by itself, here. We then open the show and manage to talk about Parviz and his wife and why Parviz decided she was the one to marry (hint: he says its because she didn't 'bug him'... the basis of many a great relationship!)... We then get Sean on the phone and move on to our Oscar® round-up. Some interesting insights, well worth a listen... (but to tell you the truth, I am all 'Oscar®ed' out!)

After the next break we dive into the Question of the Week, "Who Was Your Comedy Inspiration"... A lot of great references to a lot of great comedians (and for Cryill who tried to play 'stump the Schnauzer', here are a couple of links to Jerome K. Jerome, who famously said

"I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours."

and Jaroslav HaĊĦek, a Czech humorist and satirist, best known for "The Good Soldier Svejk", a book my father introduced me to as a child!)

We then focus on Parviz's comedy icons (including Patton Oswald, Wayne Cotter, Franklyn Ajaye, Paul Provenza, Fred Wolf, Brian Regan, Dennis Wolfberg, George Carlin (post heart attack), Howie Mandell and Pablo Francisco), Sean's inspiration (Johnny Carson, George Carlin, pre-heart attack, and early Saturday Night Live), and Robin's heros (Bill Cosby, David Steinberg, Alan Sherman, Monty Python, Firesign Theater and George Carlin, both pre and post).

We then say goodbye to Sean (for the week, that is) take our next break, and return with Comedian Jann Karam, of Seinfeld, Mad About You, HBO Young Comedians Special, Carson, Letterman, ER and more fame who talks at length about comedy and her influences in a great and honest segment.

Finally we take our last break and return with a short discussion about Barry Bonds, including a phone call from the man himself (!true!) and a follow-up call from Tim Worrell, and close with this weeks Dairy Update, a non-dairy entry (grrr... doesn't dairy mean cow?) featuring juices from Kerns. We also throw out mad props to Nancy Nangeroni, host of Gender Talk , a weekly two-hour program heard on WMBR in Boston, on the internet as a podcast, and streaming on, focusing on all-issues regarding gender. Trivia Point: I was Nancy's first guest about 10 years ago, and she was kind enough to let me spew for about 15 minutes this past week about Schnauzer Logic. Head over to her website and listen to the show!

And now you know what you didn't know when you didn't know what you knew!...

This week's Outstanding music comes from the following Amazing bands:

1. PinBoys from Aarhus, Denmark - "I Hate All The Things You Love"

2. Kurt Bordian from Vancouver, BC - "Adrenalin Drive"

3. Randy Coleman from Los Angeles - "Last Salutation"

4. Star74 from Thunder Bay, Ontario - "Believe"

So until next week (our Big Ides of March show)...

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


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