Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Want You To Want Me...

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This is for Teddy (my grad school roommate, and friend for over 30 years, James Lattin)... 

just about to go to bed and happened to tune past ASX-TV, where they're showing "Cheap Trick At Budokan: The 35th Anniversary Performance" taped at the El Rey Theater in LA last year. I'm thinking they look and sound pretty good... especially Rick Nielsen... same old baseball cap, bow tie, insane guitar licks and stage antics. so i decide to Google him.

He'll be 67 in December.

Mommy's alright.
Daddy's alright.
And Granddad's doing pretty good, too!
(Surrender, indeed)

And here's one more 'fun fact' Teddy... in the mid-90's when i was working on the Newton team, Cheap Trick and Greg Kihn came to the campus for a demo of our new products (it was set up in Caffe Macs, which shows how times have changed)... i volunteered to demo the Newton MessagePad 130 and of course, being totally into checkboards and Vans at that point (h/t to Steve Capps) i had 'customized' my MP130 with black-and-white checkerboard contact paper... CT & GK came by and were looking at all the stuff, and were talking with folks and generally pretty nice, and then Rick Nielsen stopped and picked up my MessagePad and asked, "do you guys make 'em like this?" and i said, "no, this one is custom"... and he smiled and reached into his pocket and gave me a guitar pick and said "these are custom, too!"... later in the afternoon they were still walking around campus (i guess things moved slower those days) and we both happened to be in another building when they all came walking by with some Apple execs, and Nielsen saw me and shouted across the first floor of IL3, "Hey... isn't that Robin Goldstein??? Hey, Robin.... What's Up?!?!"... i broke into a huge grin and everyone else just stood and stared...

as Bill Murray says in Groundhog Day, "-That- was a pretty good day..."

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