Saturday, December 14, 2013

OT: My Email Exchange w/Larry "Fenwick" Gotterer on the Final Gong Show

sonovista, my friends…  so this is totally off topic, but i was having a conversation with a friend about the Gong Show and i said, "did you know that the last Gong Show wasn't hosted by Chuck Barris, but by one of the writer/producers who was basically shoved on stage and did an amazing impression of "Chuckie-baby"…  and my friend said, "how do you know that?" and i said, "because i found the guy and wrote to him and he was nice enough to write back!" and my friend said, "cool… you should put that up on Wikipedia®" and i did and then it was pulled because i didn't provide any supporting documentation (fair enough)… so, here on the official Schnauzer Logic Podcast blog, i give you supporting documentation…  its actually a sweet note about things that happened almost 34 years ago (sheesh!) so thanks, Larry, for marking the beginning of 2013 and allowing me to use your story to mark the end (i guess you'd have to say, "its the year of Fenwick!")

Larry Gotterer Email Exchange

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