Thursday, April 13, 2006

Episode 11 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is Posted!!! (A little bit louder than Episode 10)

Sonovista, my friends, and welcome to our second decade of shows... A short show blog this week... why read when you can listen!?!

First, we get caught up with Parviz and his new job, his new look and his same-old bad attitude... With Sean MIA, we look to hook up with Mike Lema and Parviz's friend, Ken, who has been emailing like a fiend, but come up lacking (like the hair on Parviz's head)... We then take our first break and return with the details of Parviz's new career... its the story of a spiritual journey that will inspire generations to come... we then take our next break and come back with Part (2)(a) of the Kip Addotta interview, which leads directly into our next break. When we come back we preview the upcoming trip of our friend Jason Nathanson and how we managed to score his new blog site from a great guy, Anders Clerwall of Sweden, who hosts his own video blog at be sure to check out Anders site and drop him a note to say "hi" and "thanks!" for transferring the site to Jason... we also talk about opening day with the SF Giants and running into Francis Ford Coppola as I was walking out of the stadium, and come up with next week's question of the week:

Tell Us About Your Brush With Greatness/Celebrity? - send us an email or an MP3 recording and we'll put it on next week's show!

We then take our next break (very jazzy) and come back with a discussion about Grups and a recent article in New York magazine about 40-somethings who are doing adulthood differently from their parents... Then a quick break and back with the last installment, Part (2)(b) of our interview with Kip Addotta, finally closing with an update on my Delta Airline refund (not yet), and some (even more) random ramblings.

And with that, here are this week's amazing artists:

1. Barrelfish from San Jose, CA - "Again"
2. Blinded Canada from Kelowna, BC, Canada - "Cryin"
3. Joe Turley from Nashville, TN - "Like I Doo"
4. Kick The Cat from Chicago, IL - "Blow Me"
5. Lori McKenna from Boston, MA - "Never Die Young"

And now you know what you didn't know when you didn't know what you knew!

So until next week:

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome

and if you see Sean, tell him to call home... we miss him...


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