Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode 10 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is Posted... Plus SF Giants 2006 Opening Day Photos! (Barry... Barry... Barry...)

Sonovista, my friends!!! Sorry for the delay in posting this week's show notes... We did the Big Show on Wednesday night, which i edited and posted into the wee hours of the morning. Then on Thursday, I had breakfast with Rosemary Chalmers of KSCO (who was at the Queen concert Wednesday night with Parviz!) and then went to see the San Francisco Giants 2006 Opening Day game where they topped the Atlanta Braves (thanks, Larry!, for the extra ticket)... then I had some $work$ to do on Thursday night and Friday morning, and then a dentist appointment Friday afternoon and then spent Friday night in photoshop, editing the photos from the game for my Nephew... (whew...)... not that you care about *any* of this!... (although you can see the photos, full size, from the game by clicking on the photo of Barry and heading over to my Flickr site... and notice how all the Atlanta Braves have their arms crossed... i LOVE this game Wink)

So... show notes... right... i almost forgot... we had a GREAT 10th episode anniversary show, and i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Parviz and Sean and John DeKoven and Rachel Weinstein for taking the second mic over the past 10 weeks, as well as everyone else who blogged or emailed or provided audio or material for the show! Thanks to technology, we've managed to put together a little virtual community of somewhere between 500 and 1000 folks from around the world who get to laugh a little and think a little and listen to some cool toonage every week... We would do this even if no one were listening, but then we'd just be sad and a little tragic... this way we're "Podcasters"! (woo hoo)... and thanks, too, to Ethan St. Pierre of for making our little show a part of his network...

And on to the show... Big Ups to Rachel Weinstein for sitting in... We opened with a bit of audio from the old KSCO show where I used to mangle the live spots for American Longevity products... after 2 weeks, the sponsor got so pissed they pulled them, but I think they were the most entertaining live reads for a liquid vitamin ever! Anyway, we'll play some more in the coming weeks. We then moved into the show and talked a bit about relationships and being single at 40 and Qigong and more with Rachel... After the first break we came back with Part 1 (Section A) of our all-new 2006 interview with legendary Stand-Up comedian, Kip Addotta. (Part 2, Section A and B next week)... As you know, I did an interview with Kip almost 5 years ago that didn't end well (!), but he was a gentleman and agreed to a second take... We talked from almost an hour, and its a fascinating discussion about the art and craft of stand-up comedy, as well as some amazingly honest observations about the comedy 'business'. Many thanks to Kip (and be sure to check out his son Victor's webpage for some of the most amazing hand crafted furniture i've ever seen!)

We then took our next break and came back with some Reality TV talk, a discussion about Paris Hilton playing the role of Mother Teresa in an upcoming movie, and more... We then took our next break, so Rachel could leave to get to an appointment, and came back with a discussion about a New York magazine article about 9/11 and "The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll"... Then, moving from something serious to something seriously funny, we played a classic Cranky Dog Spew from Critical Chip of PLEASE send an email to the Cranky Dog hisownself using this *link*, and ask him to do a new spew!... We then came back to discuss the Question of the Week and took our next break, after which we dove right into Part 1 (Section B) of the Kip Addotta interview... And finally we attempted to play (no, really!) the band, Nothing Less from Modesto, California, but got the wrong track loaded, and just ran out of time! We closed the show with Sean's broken laptop/mylar tape tale of woe, and my complaint against Delta Airlines.

Big Ups, btw, to all the celebrities who sent their warmest wishes on our 10th show, and to Jason Nathanson for managed to locate a spare spit valve for my Yamaha Flugelhorn... you da' man!

As mentioned, all the toons this week come from previous shows:

1. Casino66 from Malmo, Sweden - "Restarting"
2. Lotte from Oslo, Norway - "When I Close My Eyes"
3. Redwood School District from Montclair, NJ - "Two Guys, A Girl..."
4. BB Chung King & The Buddaheads from Burbank, CA - "Company Graveyard"

And now you know what you didn't know when you didn't know what you knew!

Thanks to everyone for listening! We really REALLY appreciate it! And be sure to tell your friends! And until next week:

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


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