Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Episode 2 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is Online!

Sonovista My Friends! (traditional Schnauzer salutation)

Two Weeks... Two Shows... No Waiting!!! The latest Schnauzer Logic Podcast, Episode 2, is now online, so check your podcast programs or listen online using the MP3 link above...

A good show, and I think we're getting into our groove (far fewer technical difficulties), although I'm still struggling with the whole "multiple mic", phone line, sound effects, music generation, button pushing, slider pulling thing... plus, the new phone interface has less "hum" than the old one, but seems to have more 'echo' and hiss, so we'll be tracking down the remaining technical/audio problems this week (your continued indulgence is requested).

As far as content goes, my lord!, I think we had some... A little heavy on the ADD, jumping from topic to topic, it all seems to make sense in the end. Truth be told, I think what's happening is that I've been spending so much time getting the website together and having the show listed in as many podcast directories as I can find, and finalizing the show clock and all our forms for keeping track of the bits and the songs we play and the credits and... well, you get the idea... that by the time Wednesday rolls around, I'm completely wired, but my show notes are lacking... But that's the thing about doing a weekly (or daily) show... every time out you get a chance to address past mistakes... so I remain hugely enthusiastic! Plus, I sang... like twice... so that's... something...Tongue out

Ok... show notes... I started to talk about the crappy interview at Kelly Law Registry, but fell off the tracks... bottom line is that i'm looking into some temporary/contract work and saw their ad in Craigs List... i was going to apply online, but the ad said to come to their "Open House", which was today (which is another reason I ran out of time to do show prep), so I went over about 12:45pm, and the legal staffing person was at lunch (?!?)... I waited in my car, listening to some bluegrass on my XM radio and went back in at 1:20, only to find a line... sigh... then i got up to the front and said to the recruiter, "its like waiting in line at an ATM" and she said, "I hope not... I'm not going to give you any money", and I said, "Then why the hell am I here?"... hahahahahahaha... we all had a good laugh... she then looked at my resume, and noticed I was contracting at Apple and said, "Apple?... do you think they'll give you some more work?"... and I said, "well... i'm not sure... that's why I'm -here-" and she said, "well, the best thing is if you just apply online"... so I smiled and shook her hand and walked out thinking, "well, that was a waste"...

We then moved on to Las Vegas and the Super Bowl and Celebrity and Fame and Paris Hilton and American Idol and I think the show speaks for itself (which is my way of saying, I have no memory of what we discussed).

The next topic was the whole Letterman/Heather Graham interview, and I don't know how that comes over the podcast, but if you listen carefully you can hear the disgust dripping in Dave's voice... and I think Sean was right... the new character, the "Actress", is a dig at all the know-nothing/say-nothing/do-nothing folks who come on to plug some crap project without bringing anything to the table... I'm sorry I didn't make that connection myself, but that's why I hang out with the big brains, like Sean...

BTW, the television program i was talking about was called "Turn-On" and here's what TV.COM has to say about it:

Airs: Wednesday 8:30 PM on ABC (30 mins)

Status: Ended
Premiered February 5, 1969
Show Category: Comedy, Variety Shows

Turn-On was a fast paced comedy that featured computerized music and stop action photography. The show was immediately canceled when it was discovered to have double entendres and hidden meanings. Here is an example: a beautiful woman is about to be executed by a firing squad; the squad leader approaches the woman and instead of saying the usual "Do you have a last request?" says, "I know this may seem a little awkward miss, but in this case the firing squad has one last request." It is the shortest running TV series ever.

Well, it -was- the shortest running TV show ever Smile!

And according to Wikipedia , it was created by George Schlatter (i told you, Sean and Parviz, you f*ckers!)

And finally, just as the show was ending, Parviz came alive (much like Frampton)... so I think that next week we'll have Parviz start about an hour before the rest of us, and we can meet him at the end!

Speaking of next week, look for John DeKoven of Laugh-A-Lot Productions to join us and talk about becoming a Northern California Comedy God... and maybe we'll even play a round of Win John DeKoven's Money.

OK... on to the credits...

As Always, many thanks to Sean Meehan and Parviz Fathali...

And for this week's music (which ROCKED!!!), mucho gusto to:

First Break
2V2 from Prague, The Czech Republic

Second Break
Freddy Litwiniuk, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Third Break
Derek James, Brooklyn, New York
Free Love

Fourth Break
The Naked Citizens, Pine Bush, New York
Corporate Life

These artists can all be found at GarageBand.Com

and once again, that's all! Thank you again for listening... please drop us a note to let us know you're out there... and tell your friends to subscribe!

And until next time...

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


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