Friday, February 03, 2006

Episode 1 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is Online!

Yea! Welcome! After a lot of 'messing about', Episode 1 of the brand-spanking-new Schnauzer Logic Podcast is in the can, encoded, uploaded, and ready to explode(d).... ok, the last part is kind of made up, but i couldn't think of any other words that rhyme...

In any event, if you're a new listener, greetings and salutations! Schnauzer Logic is a talk, comedy, music, current events, lifestyle, variety, and interview radio show designed to entertain (and maybe make you think, just a bit, though we promise to stop before there's any permanent damage!) I think you'll enjoy what you'll hear, and if you do, please tell your friends to subscribe.

And if you're an old KSCO or KOMY listener (Airplay, Schnauzer Logic, The Drive Monster, etc.), or used to listen to my various and sundry shoutcast streams, greetings to you too!... The Schnauzer has Landed, and we're all psyched about producing a weekly one-hour podcast featuring a lot of the things you may remember (like Win John DeKoven's Money and Cranky Dog's Weekly Spew), as well as a host of new segments. Plus, each show is going to feature "podsafe" music from performers at and and as many other creative commons licenses sources as we can find. So if you or someone you know wants to be featured on an episode of Schnauzer Logic, just drop me a note.

Housekeeping Part 2: For the time being, the old domain will point here. Eventually we'll merge everything together so folks can find old audio, a link to the SchnauzerCam®, etc, but for now this is the only place to be.

Housekeeping Section C: At the top of this page are three icons: MP3, PODCAST and SHOUTCAST... here's what they do... MP3 will start to download the full, high quality (80kbps mono) mp3 file of the latest Schnauzer Logic Podcast to your computer. PODCAST is a link to the XML feed for the podcast and will do different things depending on the browser and platform you're on. And SHOUTCAST will lead you to a low-bitrate (24kpbs) stream of the latest show, suitable for listening over a dial-up line. If you have questions, just write me. (and thanks to Tim Madden for the badge art, which I modified slightly, but its still his basic design.)

Ok... now on to the show... I think it was a good first effort, considering none of us have been on the air for over 2 years... a little rusty in spots, with more technical glitches than I like, but it did uphold the proud schnauzer tradition of being virtually "content free"! Laughing Fortunately that's never stopped us from doing a show before... a great comedian became a multi-millionare with a little television show about "nothing", so I figure we're still in good company. All told, I'd give the first show a grade of B-, with lots of room for improvement (so stick around). We've got some ideas for the next Outtake Theater, and a few bits we didn't get to... plus, I really want to explore the merger of celebrity and politics (celebritics?)... and who knows what else... you'll have to listen to see if my head finally explodes...

And Finally... The Credits...

First, many thanks to Parviz Fathali for sitting in on such short notice, and to Sean Meehan for coming through by phone, playing injured.

Also, big -up's- to both Jason Nathanson of KFI Los Angeles, and Dave Fowkes of TimeShare Media of San Jose, for helping to voice the liners. A touch of professionalism on amateur night!

And a huge bouquet to the artists whose music we played:

First Break:
Redwood School District from Montclair, New Jersey
"2 Guys, a Girl & A Horn Section "

Second Break
Piper from Gothenburg, Sweden
"It's Not Too Late "

Fourth Break
Ten Years From Now from Yorktown, Virginia
"TV "

Each of these artists can be found at

Also I need to give thanks to the techno/dance artists who provided the music beds leading out of each segment, but I can't find the sheet with all the info... but they all come from, so check out their site (and i'll list them in a future entry).

and that's all, folks!... more to come... please post your comments in this blog, or write to let us know you're listening, what you like, and what you don't... and thanks for listening!

And until next time...

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


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