Saturday, June 25, 2011

(RSS) Feed Me, Seymour

sonovista, my friends! if you're one of the few who has bookmarked the Schnauzer Logic podcast feed in your regular podcast player (XML Feed) you may have noticed that a new file showed up this morning with the title "(not) Episode 82". this is a test run of a bunch of new studio hardware and software. gone is the old Mac Quad G5 and the original G4 Cube, both of which have been replaced by a single Mac Mini and a Behringer USB Digital Audio I/O box. the result is a show that uses about 1/10th of the actual power (watts), allowing us to join the ranks of GREEN podcasters, and also keep the studio much cooler.

for not having done a show for 14 months, i was actually surprised how easily i slipped back behind the microphone and into the role of fast-talking host. and it was fun!

the next step is figuring out whether we can get anyone to come back into the studio on a regular basis... John DeKoven has already said 'yes', and Jason is most likely a definite 'no' (due to his new job as West Coast Entertainment Reporter for ABC Radio Network News). and everyone else is an unknown at this point, but we'll see. its been a while since i did any kind of extended show by myself (and it requires a different kind of rhythm than doing a show with co-hosts). but '(not) 82' felt pretty comfortable, so a solo-run is certainly a possibility.

stay tuned


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I'll give it a listen at work Monday:-)

Alliechan said...

You still got it, Robin. You have whetted the mouths of your dozens (maybe more) fans. We want more. And forget Jason, you guys can do it without him!

Parcheez FartAlli said...

Is this episode very long? I'd like to listen to it, but I don't have much time to commit to listening to podcasts.

Amber Willow van der Zwan said...

Its great to see you back!

Can't wait till you got a real show back up again. (Well, actually, i can wait, it's not like I have much choice in that but you know what i mean...)

Please don't keep us waiting another 14 months?

Boyana said...

Hi, Robin!

I'm looking forward for the new shows!!

It was wonderful surprise to hear the new piece! (pssst, I'm Edinburgh now!!!)