Monday, November 30, 2009

Official Episode 69 Show Notes by Boyana Atanasova

Here we are – at the beginning of December 2009 and Episode 69 of Schnauzer Logic is online for almost a week. From where should we start this time? It is a great obligation for me to say that I (Boyana from Bulgaria, you didn’t forget this, right?) will be the “official archivist” of the radio show. Ta-da-daaa! In Episode 69 I even had my first world premiere of the notes written for the 68th episode of Schnauzer Logic. But except the fact that something like 20 minutes from the show were dedicated to my work and the attempts to work of the other girl that was supposed to be a virtual assistant, there were plenty other interesting themes included.

This time Robin had only one guest in the studio and this was Sheri Stevens. Also, there on the phone (again) were Jason and Sean. The show started with interesting dialogue about This online media which has a huge fan in the face of Robin, has published an intriguing material about the events before, during and after the attack on the 9/11. Wikileaks was also part of that conversation so you can try and find more information about this interesting project. Of course, if you are not in a country where the site is banned like I thought for Bulgaria, because it was not opening here for quite a long time (but it works now, though).

Also, in Episode 69 there was another reeeeaaally great thing – Sheri has a theme song at last! And what a great song this is. J Sean also heard a song that will be dedicated to his participation in the show, but something wasn’t right with its lyrics, huh Robin? ;)

Schnauzer Logic loves Twitter so we heard again a great conversation about the advantages of this social network. It won’t be fair to not mention that Jason told us that he isn’t really a fan of Twitter but his opinion was a wonderful chance to hear a nice discussion about the problems of the new media and the different types of communication between the journalists and the audience. “There is too much information there on Twitter”, said Jason and who can argue with him?

The other usual suspects (no, it is not soviet at all! :P) were also captured in the two hours of Episode 69. Jason, Sean, Sheri and Robin talked about Obama and his popularity, about the success of Oprah (who has a great picture with Jason) and the effect on the American society of actions such as Adam Lambert’s performance during the AMA ceremony.

This show was recorded only a day before Thanksgiving so there was also a time to talk about the holiday turkey and the vegetarian way of life. Jason said he is no longer vegetarian, while Robin is still “white, Buddhist, VEGETARIN”…

Some serious talk was made about an interview with Americans that went to meet Sarah Palin and it became clear that the radio show guests are not really happy of the way people (do not) understand politics and politicians. To love or fear someone? To love or to respect? That was the type of questions that Robin and Sean decided to discuss at a certain time. It sounds like it was a bit boring but it was not – I can assure you. Just listen online the podcast or download it. Black Friday was also mentioned once or twice, but you will get all of the comments about it in the “real” show.

At the end of Schnauzer Logic this time we heard Alice's Resaturant in enterity. That was all. Two hours put in a few paragraphs, which can’t represent the nice vibes that the radio show again managed to send us. We now wait number 70! Stay tuned!

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