Thursday, May 04, 2006

Schnauzer Logic Podcast Episode 14 is Online!!!

Sonovista, my friends!!! Episode 14 of the Schnauzer Logic Podcast is online and I have to say that it feels like we've hit our stride... great music, great topics, great comedy and truly great guests! We hope you're enjoying the shows... if so, drop us a note and tell your friends (also, would a review on the iTunes Music Store kill ya?... huh? Tongue out)

Ok... life is jam packed, so here's this week's show blog: short, sweet and to the point...

First, WOW... Ann Zimmerman was a terrific guest... you've heard her music, "The Plumber Is The Man" each week as we introduce Parviz's Plumbing Update segment... Well, Ann is a singer/song writer/lawyer/mediator/teacher/horse-farm-something-or-other and a whole lot more from Salina, Kansas. Two of her albums are available for download through iTunes, or you can get the straight scoop directly from her website. (Plus Ann knows a lot of things about a lot of things, so we're hoping she'll come back and talk with us again)... and if you're interested in folks music, make sure to check out the Kerrville Folk Festival, to be held this year May 25th to June 11th.

We also had our weekly update from Jason Nathanson... Jason is now officially "on the road", mostly going from Indian Casino to Indian Casino, and sleeping in his van in the gas station parking lots... THIS is the reason his jewish grandparents emigrated to this great country. Check out Jason's blog over at, and offer him encouragement and some suggestions on where to go next.

After a break we also played this week's installment of Bryan Cox's Comic Road Story (#3 to be exact). And we talked about Stephen Colbert's appearance at this year's White House Press Corp Dinner, next week's scheduled appearance of my doppelganger, travel writer Robin Goldstein, Sean's entry in the IMDB for Kwoon, and we finished with Tales from the Pipe: The Parviz Fathali Plumbing Story. (oh, and in case you were wondering, the little opening bit of audio is our good friend Misha gum-chewing, late arrival as my engineer during the KSCO days of Schnauzer Logic... She's gone one to bigger and better things, which is why i like to keep playing the one mistake she made when she was 17!)

Finally, this weeks music..,. we got to play two different songs from Ann Zimmerman, Absolute Zero from her second album, "Canned Goods" (the one where the Plumbing song comes from), and If I Had Been Beautiful from "Wild Indigo", her latest album... as mentioned above, they're both available on the iTunes music store, or directly from Ann's website... and we had a couple of new tunes from some amazing artists on Garage Band :

1. Spacestation1 from Santa Cruz, CA - "What is Up?"
2. All Hail Me from Toledo, Ohio - "Throw It All Away"
3. Sean Patrick McGraw from Nashville, TN - "Fiona"

And know you know what you didn't know when you didn't know what you knew!

So until next week:

Show Up
Pay Attention
Tell The Truth
And Don't Be Attached To The Outcome


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